The Count Down

Hush Hush

“Keep it down now.  Voices carry.”

So I tried Yoga Booty Ballet.  It will not work for me though.  It may be a good workout but there is no way I am getting past the connections with the earth, concentrate on your breath, rub your  hands together to create psychic energy.  I have tried that kind of exercise in the past and my mind races constantly.  It does not work for me.  It makes me uncomfortable and a little tortured.  I have a mind that does not stop.  That is why I have issues with sleeping.  Just a personal thing.  Nothing against it.  Everyone has something different that works for them and this is not my thing.

Also, they do one of the workouts outside in the sun!!  I am a person who cannot go in the sun so watching them workout in the sun made me cringe.  I am a pale person who does not have the ability to tan but I know there are those that actually have pigment.  I can’t watch it though.  Call me crazy.  You’d be correct but knowing your limits really helps tone it down!!

I rehearsed with my troupe for 30 minutes tonight.  I am thinking about doing a Suhaila class before I crawl in bed.  If I do, I will add it to tomorrow’s numbers.

251.5 down, 113.5 to go!!!!

The Count Down

So Don’t Be Afraid to Let Them Show

“Your true colors are beautiful.”

So I would like to share something I do to get some exercise.  I call it The Kill Two Birds Workout.  I take whatever routines that I am working on and put them on a ipod list that lasts 30 minutes.  Sometimes it is 6 different routines; sometimes it is the same routine that plays six times over, or two routine that I do three times each.  You get the point.  It is a great way to break a sweat and learn those pesky crazy choreographies at the same time.  If I am in a real hurry, I will do a 20 minute workout instead of 30 but 30 really feels like I worked out!!

Speaking of working out, I ordered the Yoga Booty Ballet Workout from Netflix.  Beach Body workouts are usually good ones but I figured why not try it first.  I wouldn’t mind getting something different that works as well as Slim in 6.  I got Slim in 6 in 2004 and while it is one of the best purchases I ever made, I have done it so much that I would like to find a new one.  Whatever I find has to be as good though.  With Slim in 6, I can practically see myself shrinking in the mirror while I am doing it!!  I will keep you posted on Yoga Booty Ballet.  I almost hope I don’t like it because the name is so ridiculous though!!

And I practiced for an hour.  😉

251 down, 114 to go!!!

The Count Down

I’m a Driver, I’m a Winner

“Things are going to change.  I can feel it!!”

I got up today and started work right away.  I don’t always do that.  Many times I will get up and say to myself, “Soon I will go down to the studio and do the work I need to do.”  And I will tell myself that all day until 5 or 6 when I do actually go down there.  Something else I need to work on.  I should make a check list.

It is new routine season.  I have two going right now and I need to start two more in the next week or two.  That will be where many of my practice hours come from for the next month.  I am excited about the new stuff.  Creation is fun!!

I taught two classes and rehearsed my new routines over and over.  I want to learn them well so I don’t have to stress about them at all!!  Everyone else seems excited about the new stuff as well.  I really like my students!!  They are open to my crazy ideas!!!

250 down, 115 to go!!!

The Count Down

No Promises No Demands

“We are strong.  No one can tell us we’re wrong.  Searching our hearts for so long.”

So I have some catching up to do here.  I had a weekend full of dance hours.  I stressed and practiced on Friday night.   I took four one hour workshops with Isidora yesterday and practiced some more.  Today I taught a choreography.  All together I have checked off 4.5 hours.

The Isidora workshop had four parts:  Arms, Improv, Gypsy, and the surprise class.  The arms were pretty general technique kind of stuff.  Improv was a lot of talking about how to do it and then trying it.  Gypsy was the kind of style with the energetic dancing and the gestures.  I got some cool walking moves that I had not seen before.  That will be nice for my Django Reinhardt-esque new solo!!

By the end of the gypsy class the pain was radiating up my heals into my lower back.  This was a workshop that had a massage therapist in the vendor area so I got 15 minutes for $15 all on my lower back.  I missed part of the last workshop and then went up to find they were doing Bollywood.  Bollywood is a style that I appreciate but it does not call to me to teach it or do a Bollywood routine.  I took one hand move from a Bollywood routine a few years back.  It look very spidery so I used it to open a spider routine I choreographed.  Anyway, I didn’t join in the Bollywood because all my back pain was gone and I didn’t want it to come back for the show.

Cara and myself went to my camper car to get dressed for the show and then we did our thing.  We danced with Ishtar and during my solo I did improv to Melissa playing her clarinet.  I really want to feel better about my improv.  I asked a couple of my dancers what they thought of it and even though they told me it looked real good, I still feel self-conscious.  I need to get to where I feel very comfortable improving.  I am getting a lot better because we have done some improv gigs this year.  I am still so far to the right though.  I love my choreographies and knowing that every beat in the music has a plan!!  I will work on it!!

The star of the show Isidora is a real nice person and such an energetic dancer.  She came up to me right after our performance and told me how much she liked it.  Always nice to hear especially from someone who is great.

Tonight is my night for sleeping because I didn’t get much last night and tomorrow is more dance classes!!

248 down, 117 to go!!!

The Count Down

If I Should Fall

“Would you swallow me deep inside??  River, oh river, river running deep, bring me something that will let me get to sleep.”

Those lyrics are from what I think is the saddest song I have heard.  It is called The Washing of the Water by Peter Gabriel.  Not only does he convey depression with the song, he makes you feel it with his voice.  I want to cry every time I hear it.  Brilliant!!  I discovered it when I went to a dance recital in Kent awhile back.  There were many performances and so many different kinds of expression but this is the one I remember. 

 The choreographer was trying to express depression through dance.  Mission accomplished!!  The sadness that came off the stage was like a wave that fell over the auditorium.  Such talent and art.  I would love to be able to convey emotion through dance that strongly.  It was like magic.  It was truly moving.  Even thinking about it and hearing that song today moves me again years later.

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled body and practice updates.  The last two days have been busy but good days.  I am healed.  I have been practicing for a show that is tomorrow night.  It is workshop and show with Isidora B.  The B stand for a long name.  🙂  Jez = lazy blogger.  I don’t want to look up the spelling nor do I want to spell it incorrectly.  I don’t seem to have a problem typing four sentences to explain that all though.  This is me.  Take me as I am!!

I practiced another hour and got some things done.  Next week I want to get back to my daily Suhaila classes.

243.5 down, 121.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Dancing Very Close

“Barely breathing, almost comatose.”

My body is so much better!!  I feel normal today for the first time in over a week.  I celebrated by working out!!  I felt even better then.  This is the year–the first year that I am not going to pack on any post-Pennsic pounds.  I usually don’t do a whole lot of working out between the end of Pennsic and New Year’s Day.  Such a bad thing for me to do.  It causes the yearly yo-yo that is probably half the reason I got the genetic high BP so early in my life.  The yo-yo ends here though.  And if I succeed, it will be the first year in over a decade that I did not yo-yo back up about 15 – 20 pounds!!  I don’t think it will be easy because it is a habit now.  If it was easy, it would not be interesting.  Wait, it really isn’t that interesting anyway but you still get to hear about it.  You’re welcome!!

I practiced the pirate piece in my studio for a while before taking the long drive to practice with Hareem Shar’eem for a show we have this Saturday.  We are dancing to an Ishtar song live.  Dancing to live music is always so much fun.

242.5 down, 122.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

And I Say to Myself

“What a wonderful world.”

So today I went out to lunch with a friend.  We talked about dance–one of my favorite subjects.  I could talk about it for hours and bore the rest of the world (those who have not discovered the awesomeness that is dance.)

I came home and then decided to drill the pirate piece and choreograph part of Wicked Gypsy’s new Halloween piece.  That one is going to be a mourning creepy death theme.  The song is morbid so it has to be morbid.  I don’t really have to dig too deep to be morbid I am sorry to say.   😉

I will keep the boring stuff short but I feel it necessary to update since that gets in the way of the stronger body goal:  My back is better today.  I hope it is even better tomorrow.  I only practiced for 30 minutes because yesterday’s hour-long practice of the pirate piece threw my back out.  I am going to go at least an hour tomorrow and build up to it.

Unasked for advice:  If you haven’t already, add dance to your life!!!

241.5 down, 123.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Will Be Your Preacher Teacher

“Anything you have in mind.”

So today, I woke up and my back was feeling better which made me so happy.  I was not yet prepared for any of my classes and the new session started earlier tonight.  So I got up feeling good and went into the studio first thing because I am not guaranteed to feel good all day.

I prepped the drills for drilling class and then did the choreography for the pirate routine.  I finished it!!  So glad to have that done and soon we will be performing it.  Soooo excited!!  I do love that piece!!

However—-there is something in the first half of that dance that is not disk friendly.  I have always felt a little twang in the bad disk area after teaching that routine.  Today, of course, it threw it all out of wack again but I figured it would.  I won’t stop doing that routine and I won’t stop dancing because of it.  I would rather be in pain.

Anyway, enough about that—snore.  It took me two hours to prep everything and then I taught for two more.  That is the most hours I have done in one day since before I went camping a month ago.  I feel much better when I get a decent number of dancing hours in.  Gotta keep going because I still have many hours to get in before the end of the year!!

Classes were fun to teach tonight.  I missed teaching and I missed my students.  🙂  Fall dance classes are started!!!

241 down, 124 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Ain’t Missing You at All

“No matter what my friends say.”

I went away this weekend without catching up on the blog.  I am trying to keep up with everything since Pennsic.  I think I finally have a handle on it.  My back is sooo getting in the way of dance.  I am trying to let it heal so I am only doing what I have to–teaching class and rehearsals.   I want to do more though.  I want to take Suhaila classes and workout.  I think I will start doing that tomorrow because I am sick of cutting things out waiting for this to heal.  I feel like a slug.  I will not be a slave to this injury!!!  Anymore.

On Thursday I taught improv class which went very well.  We created a new way to perform improv as a group.  Tonight I taught the Cocaine Combos and then we had a Shuvani Jezebels practice.  We are working out a piece to perform in a show next week.  Should be fun and interesting!!!

237 down, 128 to go!!!!

The Count Down

I’ve Been Down This Road Before

“I walk out the door.”

So my back was almost healed this morning.  Hardly any pain when Dor (one of my dogs) runs in the doggie door freaking out because he is full of burrs.  I don’t know how these dogs get so many burrs on them.  And it is only Dor and Roux that get filled with them on occasion.  Django never has them on him.  Who would have thought that a bad seed like Django would be the good one in any case.

Anyway, I had to spend about 20 minutes sitting on the floor pulling burrs out of the poor dog’s fur.  After that my back got worse again.  It is still much better though.  I went to Hareem Shar’eem practice tonight where there was a little bit of practice and much talk of our camping stories.  I managed to get 30 minutes  of practice in though so at least my number is going up.  Tomorrow I want to work on my new solo which I listened to on repeat all the way home.  Awesome song that I am obsessed with now.  Be obsessed with your art!!  That is how you become great!!

(Advice is free, by the way.)

235 down, 130 to go!!!