The Count Down

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

I don’t know any other words to that song!!

I just got home from Pennsic after two weeks.  I don’t go near a computer when I am there and I didn’t want to publish that I was gone ’cause I heard a news story about home invasions based on the ‘I am out of town’ posts.  So my plan is to disappear and come back when this happens.  If I disappear again, it is because I have a cruise coming up!!

I am tired but I must dance today.   One of my dancers committed to being in a show today and then bailed so I am going to go in her place.  I don’t want us to be those people.  I think it looks bad.  I may have to wear an old costume if I can’t dig one out but I don’t want to be the people who bail.  I also have to improv which I hate!!!  Oh well.  It is all an experience.

At Pennsic, we had two shows:  One fire performance, one performing arts show.  I am giving myself 2 hours of practice for the two weeks because I didn’t count.  It was probably more but if I didn’t keep track, I can’t be sure.

Usually when Pennsic is over, I go into this lazy mode of not exercising and slowly gain back the same 15 – 20 pounds I lose every year.  I really don’t want to do that again, especially with my bp problem so I am going to try harder.  I have my blog to support me this year so how can I lose??

233 down, 132 to go!!!


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