The Count Down

If I Could Jump Backwards

“Straight to the dance floor, will you be waiting for me??  Will you still be my friend??”

So last night I performed at the summer hafla in place of my assistant.  Then I came home and fell asleep.  My dogs woke me up to feed them and when I bent down to get the food out, my disk went out-of-place.  I was not pleased.  The pain is bad and it prevents me from dancing like I want to.  My back has not gone out-of-place in nearly two years.  I don’t know why it did today.  I did some heavy lifting yesterday to unpack my car and find a costume to dance in.  I bet that is what did me in.  I am not supposed to lift things.  Every time my back goes out it is because I have lifted something too heavy.  I gotta stop doing that because it hurts badly and makes it so I can’t dance right.  I was even limping today because it was so messed up!!  And I had trouble teaching my rehearsal.  😦  I am at the mercy of time now.  Sometimes it takes a day or two, sometimes a week or two.  I don’t have time for this now or ever.  Heal!!!

With yesterday’s practice for the gig and today’s rehearsal, I have another 1.5 hours in.  One hour was a painful one.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is a new day with less pain and a less whiny post!!!

234.5 down, 130.5 to go!!!


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