The Count Down

I Feel Sick

“I feel nervous.  I know just what I did to deserve this.”

I got up this morning and my back is still out but it is feeling better.  This makes me optimistic that it is not going to take too long to heal.  I don’t know if I have informed all my faithful readers of the injury history so I will make it quick:  In November 2007, I herniated a disk that took me out of all things dance for three months.  I did not know how important dance was to me until that three-month period when I wanted to slit my throat without it.  All I did was wallow in misery.  It was a bad time.

It healed and I was back in business.  Since then, it goes out-of-place occasionally almost always when I lift something that I should not be lifting.  Then a fear comes over me that another three months are going to go by like before.  I don’t stop dancing when it occurs because I hated it so much before but I don’t have the same range when it is out-of-place.  And it brings the fear to the forefront that my body is not going to cooperate forever.  😦

Anyway, since it is feeling a little better, I am going to take today as my day of rest to further heal.  I am not going to practice or take a class or unpack.  I will, however, take this opportunity to tell you a Pennsic story.

I danced in Maharal’s show at Pennsic last week.  That is my friend Brett’s band and he put together an ensemble of musicians that attended Pennsic for the show.  One of the musicians that I had not met previously was a violin player called Sick.  He came to our camp to practice for the show and was the first to arrive.  I had already seen him playing in the market place and bought his cd pack.  His sound is very gypsy-like and I told him of my obsession with Django Reinhardt.  He then busted into two songs that were either Django songs or Django-esque songs.  Either way, I was enjoying life on the camp front porch while waiting for the rest of the group to show up for rehearsal.  Sick is a very talented musician that I am very happy to have met.

I am listening to his music right now because I had no way of playing them while camping.  Wonderful, I must say and I have found my next solo piece.  It is the song of his that I feel sounds the most like Django.  If I wasn’t injured, I would be in the studio choreographing it right now!!  But very soon!!!

Students, I hope you are up for some great new songs in class this fall!!!

Still 234.5, 130.5


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