The Count Down

I’ve Been Down This Road Before

“I walk out the door.”

So my back was almost healed this morning.  Hardly any pain when Dor (one of my dogs) runs in the doggie door freaking out because he is full of burrs.  I don’t know how these dogs get so many burrs on them.  And it is only Dor and Roux that get filled with them on occasion.  Django never has them on him.  Who would have thought that a bad seed like Django would be the good one in any case.

Anyway, I had to spend about 20 minutes sitting on the floor pulling burrs out of the poor dog’s fur.  After that my back got worse again.  It is still much better though.  I went to Hareem Shar’eem practice tonight where there was a little bit of practice and much talk of our camping stories.  I managed to get 30 minutes  of practice in though so at least my number is going up.  Tomorrow I want to work on my new solo which I listened to on repeat all the way home.  Awesome song that I am obsessed with now.  Be obsessed with your art!!  That is how you become great!!

(Advice is free, by the way.)

235 down, 130 to go!!!


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