The Count Down

I Ain’t Missing You at All

“No matter what my friends say.”

I went away this weekend without catching up on the blog.  I am trying to keep up with everything since Pennsic.  I think I finally have a handle on it.  My back is sooo getting in the way of dance.  I am trying to let it heal so I am only doing what I have to–teaching class and rehearsals.   I want to do more though.  I want to take Suhaila classes and workout.  I think I will start doing that tomorrow because I am sick of cutting things out waiting for this to heal.  I feel like a slug.  I will not be a slave to this injury!!!  Anymore.

On Thursday I taught improv class which went very well.  We created a new way to perform improv as a group.  Tonight I taught the Cocaine Combos and then we had a Shuvani Jezebels practice.  We are working out a piece to perform in a show next week.  Should be fun and interesting!!!

237 down, 128 to go!!!!


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