The Count Down

I Will Be Your Preacher Teacher

“Anything you have in mind.”

So today, I woke up and my back was feeling better which made me so happy.  I was not yet prepared for any of my classes and the new session started earlier tonight.  So I got up feeling good and went into the studio first thing because I am not guaranteed to feel good all day.

I prepped the drills for drilling class and then did the choreography for the pirate routine.  I finished it!!  So glad to have that done and soon we will be performing it.  Soooo excited!!  I do love that piece!!

However—-there is something in the first half of that dance that is not disk friendly.  I have always felt a little twang in the bad disk area after teaching that routine.  Today, of course, it threw it all out of wack again but I figured it would.  I won’t stop doing that routine and I won’t stop dancing because of it.  I would rather be in pain.

Anyway, enough about that—snore.  It took me two hours to prep everything and then I taught for two more.  That is the most hours I have done in one day since before I went camping a month ago.  I feel much better when I get a decent number of dancing hours in.  Gotta keep going because I still have many hours to get in before the end of the year!!

Classes were fun to teach tonight.  I missed teaching and I missed my students.  🙂  Fall dance classes are started!!!

241 down, 124 to go!!!


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