The Count Down

And I Say to Myself

“What a wonderful world.”

So today I went out to lunch with a friend.  We talked about dance–one of my favorite subjects.  I could talk about it for hours and bore the rest of the world (those who have not discovered the awesomeness that is dance.)

I came home and then decided to drill the pirate piece and choreograph part of Wicked Gypsy’s new Halloween piece.  That one is going to be a mourning creepy death theme.  The song is morbid so it has to be morbid.  I don’t really have to dig too deep to be morbid I am sorry to say.   😉

I will keep the boring stuff short but I feel it necessary to update since that gets in the way of the stronger body goal:  My back is better today.  I hope it is even better tomorrow.  I only practiced for 30 minutes because yesterday’s hour-long practice of the pirate piece threw my back out.  I am going to go at least an hour tomorrow and build up to it.

Unasked for advice:  If you haven’t already, add dance to your life!!!

241.5 down, 123.5 to go!!!


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