The Count Down

Dancing Very Close

“Barely breathing, almost comatose.”

My body is so much better!!  I feel normal today for the first time in over a week.  I celebrated by working out!!  I felt even better then.  This is the year–the first year that I am not going to pack on any post-Pennsic pounds.  I usually don’t do a whole lot of working out between the end of Pennsic and New Year’s Day.  Such a bad thing for me to do.  It causes the yearly yo-yo that is probably half the reason I got the genetic high BP so early in my life.  The yo-yo ends here though.  And if I succeed, it will be the first year in over a decade that I did not yo-yo back up about 15 – 20 pounds!!  I don’t think it will be easy because it is a habit now.  If it was easy, it would not be interesting.  Wait, it really isn’t that interesting anyway but you still get to hear about it.  You’re welcome!!

I practiced the pirate piece in my studio for a while before taking the long drive to practice with Hareem Shar’eem for a show we have this Saturday.  We are dancing to an Ishtar song live.  Dancing to live music is always so much fun.

242.5 down, 122.5 to go!!!


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