The Count Down

No Promises No Demands

“We are strong.  No one can tell us we’re wrong.  Searching our hearts for so long.”

So I have some catching up to do here.  I had a weekend full of dance hours.  I stressed and practiced on Friday night.   I took four one hour workshops with Isidora yesterday and practiced some more.  Today I taught a choreography.  All together I have checked off 4.5 hours.

The Isidora workshop had four parts:  Arms, Improv, Gypsy, and the surprise class.  The arms were pretty general technique kind of stuff.  Improv was a lot of talking about how to do it and then trying it.  Gypsy was the kind of style with the energetic dancing and the gestures.  I got some cool walking moves that I had not seen before.  That will be nice for my Django Reinhardt-esque new solo!!

By the end of the gypsy class the pain was radiating up my heals into my lower back.  This was a workshop that had a massage therapist in the vendor area so I got 15 minutes for $15 all on my lower back.  I missed part of the last workshop and then went up to find they were doing Bollywood.  Bollywood is a style that I appreciate but it does not call to me to teach it or do a Bollywood routine.  I took one hand move from a Bollywood routine a few years back.  It look very spidery so I used it to open a spider routine I choreographed.  Anyway, I didn’t join in the Bollywood because all my back pain was gone and I didn’t want it to come back for the show.

Cara and myself went to my camper car to get dressed for the show and then we did our thing.  We danced with Ishtar and during my solo I did improv to Melissa playing her clarinet.  I really want to feel better about my improv.  I asked a couple of my dancers what they thought of it and even though they told me it looked real good, I still feel self-conscious.  I need to get to where I feel very comfortable improving.  I am getting a lot better because we have done some improv gigs this year.  I am still so far to the right though.  I love my choreographies and knowing that every beat in the music has a plan!!  I will work on it!!

The star of the show Isidora is a real nice person and such an energetic dancer.  She came up to me right after our performance and told me how much she liked it.  Always nice to hear especially from someone who is great.

Tonight is my night for sleeping because I didn’t get much last night and tomorrow is more dance classes!!

248 down, 117 to go!!!


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