The Count Down

I’m a Driver, I’m a Winner

“Things are going to change.  I can feel it!!”

I got up today and started work right away.  I don’t always do that.  Many times I will get up and say to myself, “Soon I will go down to the studio and do the work I need to do.”  And I will tell myself that all day until 5 or 6 when I do actually go down there.  Something else I need to work on.  I should make a check list.

It is new routine season.  I have two going right now and I need to start two more in the next week or two.  That will be where many of my practice hours come from for the next month.  I am excited about the new stuff.  Creation is fun!!

I taught two classes and rehearsed my new routines over and over.  I want to learn them well so I don’t have to stress about them at all!!  Everyone else seems excited about the new stuff as well.  I really like my students!!  They are open to my crazy ideas!!!

250 down, 115 to go!!!


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