The Count Down

Hush Hush

“Keep it down now.  Voices carry.”

So I tried Yoga Booty Ballet.  It will not work for me though.  It may be a good workout but there is no way I am getting past the connections with the earth, concentrate on your breath, rub your  hands together to create psychic energy.  I have tried that kind of exercise in the past and my mind races constantly.  It does not work for me.  It makes me uncomfortable and a little tortured.  I have a mind that does not stop.  That is why I have issues with sleeping.  Just a personal thing.  Nothing against it.  Everyone has something different that works for them and this is not my thing.

Also, they do one of the workouts outside in the sun!!  I am a person who cannot go in the sun so watching them workout in the sun made me cringe.  I am a pale person who does not have the ability to tan but I know there are those that actually have pigment.  I can’t watch it though.  Call me crazy.  You’d be correct but knowing your limits really helps tone it down!!

I rehearsed with my troupe for 30 minutes tonight.  I am thinking about doing a Suhaila class before I crawl in bed.  If I do, I will add it to tomorrow’s numbers.

251.5 down, 113.5 to go!!!!


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