The Count Down

I Will Be Your Preacher Teacher

“Anything you have in mind.”

So today, I woke up and my back was feeling better which made me so happy.  I was not yet prepared for any of my classes and the new session started earlier tonight.  So I got up feeling good and went into the studio first thing because I am not guaranteed to feel good all day.

I prepped the drills for drilling class and then did the choreography for the pirate routine.  I finished it!!  So glad to have that done and soon we will be performing it.  Soooo excited!!  I do love that piece!!

However—-there is something in the first half of that dance that is not disk friendly.  I have always felt a little twang in the bad disk area after teaching that routine.  Today, of course, it threw it all out of wack again but I figured it would.  I won’t stop doing that routine and I won’t stop dancing because of it.  I would rather be in pain.

Anyway, enough about that—snore.  It took me two hours to prep everything and then I taught for two more.  That is the most hours I have done in one day since before I went camping a month ago.  I feel much better when I get a decent number of dancing hours in.  Gotta keep going because I still have many hours to get in before the end of the year!!

Classes were fun to teach tonight.  I missed teaching and I missed my students.  🙂  Fall dance classes are started!!!

241 down, 124 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Ain’t Missing You at All

“No matter what my friends say.”

I went away this weekend without catching up on the blog.  I am trying to keep up with everything since Pennsic.  I think I finally have a handle on it.  My back is sooo getting in the way of dance.  I am trying to let it heal so I am only doing what I have to–teaching class and rehearsals.   I want to do more though.  I want to take Suhaila classes and workout.  I think I will start doing that tomorrow because I am sick of cutting things out waiting for this to heal.  I feel like a slug.  I will not be a slave to this injury!!!  Anymore.

On Thursday I taught improv class which went very well.  We created a new way to perform improv as a group.  Tonight I taught the Cocaine Combos and then we had a Shuvani Jezebels practice.  We are working out a piece to perform in a show next week.  Should be fun and interesting!!!

237 down, 128 to go!!!!

The Count Down

I’ve Been Down This Road Before

“I walk out the door.”

So my back was almost healed this morning.  Hardly any pain when Dor (one of my dogs) runs in the doggie door freaking out because he is full of burrs.  I don’t know how these dogs get so many burrs on them.  And it is only Dor and Roux that get filled with them on occasion.  Django never has them on him.  Who would have thought that a bad seed like Django would be the good one in any case.

Anyway, I had to spend about 20 minutes sitting on the floor pulling burrs out of the poor dog’s fur.  After that my back got worse again.  It is still much better though.  I went to Hareem Shar’eem practice tonight where there was a little bit of practice and much talk of our camping stories.  I managed to get 30 minutes  of practice in though so at least my number is going up.  Tomorrow I want to work on my new solo which I listened to on repeat all the way home.  Awesome song that I am obsessed with now.  Be obsessed with your art!!  That is how you become great!!

(Advice is free, by the way.)

235 down, 130 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Feel Sick

“I feel nervous.  I know just what I did to deserve this.”

I got up this morning and my back is still out but it is feeling better.  This makes me optimistic that it is not going to take too long to heal.  I don’t know if I have informed all my faithful readers of the injury history so I will make it quick:  In November 2007, I herniated a disk that took me out of all things dance for three months.  I did not know how important dance was to me until that three-month period when I wanted to slit my throat without it.  All I did was wallow in misery.  It was a bad time.

It healed and I was back in business.  Since then, it goes out-of-place occasionally almost always when I lift something that I should not be lifting.  Then a fear comes over me that another three months are going to go by like before.  I don’t stop dancing when it occurs because I hated it so much before but I don’t have the same range when it is out-of-place.  And it brings the fear to the forefront that my body is not going to cooperate forever.  😦

Anyway, since it is feeling a little better, I am going to take today as my day of rest to further heal.  I am not going to practice or take a class or unpack.  I will, however, take this opportunity to tell you a Pennsic story.

I danced in Maharal’s show at Pennsic last week.  That is my friend Brett’s band and he put together an ensemble of musicians that attended Pennsic for the show.  One of the musicians that I had not met previously was a violin player called Sick.  He came to our camp to practice for the show and was the first to arrive.  I had already seen him playing in the market place and bought his cd pack.  His sound is very gypsy-like and I told him of my obsession with Django Reinhardt.  He then busted into two songs that were either Django songs or Django-esque songs.  Either way, I was enjoying life on the camp front porch while waiting for the rest of the group to show up for rehearsal.  Sick is a very talented musician that I am very happy to have met.

I am listening to his music right now because I had no way of playing them while camping.  Wonderful, I must say and I have found my next solo piece.  It is the song of his that I feel sounds the most like Django.  If I wasn’t injured, I would be in the studio choreographing it right now!!  But very soon!!!

Students, I hope you are up for some great new songs in class this fall!!!

Still 234.5, 130.5

The Count Down

If I Could Jump Backwards

“Straight to the dance floor, will you be waiting for me??  Will you still be my friend??”

So last night I performed at the summer hafla in place of my assistant.  Then I came home and fell asleep.  My dogs woke me up to feed them and when I bent down to get the food out, my disk went out-of-place.  I was not pleased.  The pain is bad and it prevents me from dancing like I want to.  My back has not gone out-of-place in nearly two years.  I don’t know why it did today.  I did some heavy lifting yesterday to unpack my car and find a costume to dance in.  I bet that is what did me in.  I am not supposed to lift things.  Every time my back goes out it is because I have lifted something too heavy.  I gotta stop doing that because it hurts badly and makes it so I can’t dance right.  I was even limping today because it was so messed up!!  And I had trouble teaching my rehearsal.  😦  I am at the mercy of time now.  Sometimes it takes a day or two, sometimes a week or two.  I don’t have time for this now or ever.  Heal!!!

With yesterday’s practice for the gig and today’s rehearsal, I have another 1.5 hours in.  One hour was a painful one.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is a new day with less pain and a less whiny post!!!

234.5 down, 130.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

I don’t know any other words to that song!!

I just got home from Pennsic after two weeks.  I don’t go near a computer when I am there and I didn’t want to publish that I was gone ’cause I heard a news story about home invasions based on the ‘I am out of town’ posts.  So my plan is to disappear and come back when this happens.  If I disappear again, it is because I have a cruise coming up!!

I am tired but I must dance today.   One of my dancers committed to being in a show today and then bailed so I am going to go in her place.  I don’t want us to be those people.  I think it looks bad.  I may have to wear an old costume if I can’t dig one out but I don’t want to be the people who bail.  I also have to improv which I hate!!!  Oh well.  It is all an experience.

At Pennsic, we had two shows:  One fire performance, one performing arts show.  I am giving myself 2 hours of practice for the two weeks because I didn’t count.  It was probably more but if I didn’t keep track, I can’t be sure.

Usually when Pennsic is over, I go into this lazy mode of not exercising and slowly gain back the same 15 – 20 pounds I lose every year.  I really don’t want to do that again, especially with my bp problem so I am going to try harder.  I have my blog to support me this year so how can I lose??

233 down, 132 to go!!!