The Count Down

‘Cause I’m Broken

“When I’m lonesome and I don’t feel right when you are gone away.”

Last night I tried to take a 90 minute Suhaila class.  I got ready to take the class, turned on my computer, connected it to the TV and–the online class site is down.  I could not take a class.  I felt/feel a little cheated.  I paid to take them when it was convenient for me and I can’t take one.  The site is still down right now.  I tried to send an email to them but it got rejected back to me.  I am probably being paranoid but I feel like I will never be able to get on there again and they are not going to give me my money back.  I am paid up to take classes until May 2012.

I think I am paranoid because of the standing gig Hareem Shar’eem had back in our early days.  We danced monthly at a nice restaurant.  They paid us and once in a while they would tell us to come into the restaurant a few days after our performance because they didn’t have the cash that night.  The last time we performed there they did that.  We went back a few days later for the money and the restaurant was closed down with an out-of-business sign on the door.  We never got our money, of course.  We worked for them for two years and the last thing they did was scam us out of money!!  Nice!!

I feel like that now, maybe just because I can’t get ahold of them if it never goes back up.  I am absolutely sure that it is me being paranoid and it is not reasonable but it is still annoying to pay and not be able to take classes.

Annoyance got the better of me.  Instead of choosing another way to practice, I went to my computer and listened to new ringtones for my new phone.  Internet time sucker that was!!  And I have plenty of things I need to practice!!

Still 273, 92

The Count Down

Sing Us a Song Tonight

“We’re all in the mood for a melody and you’ve got us feelin’ alright.”

Did you ever have one of those weird days where you just weren’t feelin’ it??  By it I mean anything.  Nothing could get you in a decent mood.  I was feeling so weird today.  Like I was mad at someone but I didn’t have a reason to be mad.  Very bizarre and thankfully–very unusual.

I was planning to go to bed very early to sleep off the surprise bad mood hoping it would relocate to another innocent female tomorrow but my puppy Moulin Roux has decided he wants to run around the house and then jump up on my lap and bite my hand over and over.  I want to be mad at him but he is just so cute.  Maybe I have a bad mood hovering but I won’t let it in!!

I had a private practice drilling session with my good friend Zingara today.  We got a good amount of work done and a good amount of girly chit-chat.  Seriously, if I could log girly chat hours, I would have reached my goal months ago!!

273 down, 92 to go!!!

The Count Down

Don’t Be Fancy

“Just get dancy.  What part of party don’t you understand.”

So I have had some practicing, classes, and a dance gig since my last update.  The main thing I have been lacking is the updating.  I will work on that.  In the meantime, I will tell you the most interesting stuff:

Our gig on Saturday was at the Harvest Moon Festival.  It was all in daylight, however, because it ended at 5 PM.  The person running it wanted fire though so we danced with fire.  It fit the theme.  Fire looks better at night but it works just fine during the day too.  We were dancing with fire by the road because the person in charge wanted the cars to see.  It worked.  They saw us.  They honked and glared in a “Is that fire??” kind of way. 

We did our regular bellydance set away from the road and more inside the festival but no matter where we dance one thing was always the same–there was mud!!  That is easily the muddiest gig I have ever been a part of.  It was a swamp and tough to dance in but we powered through and no acted like a diva about it.  We did our thing in the mud and then we left but not before I bought the coolest pants from the tie-dye vendor!!  Score!!

Another thing is that I am still doing my workout program.  It is big on the weight lifting which I have never done before.  This has me wondering if my body is going to change into something I won’t know what to do with.  I have never in my life had muscles.  Will I all of a sudden become strong??  It will be fun to see if I can.  I am going to keep going!!

272 down, 934 to go!!

The Count Down

And I’m Waiting for A Change of Heart

“Waiting for a change of heart.”

Everyone is making changes.  I couldn’t figure out how to post on my blog anymore because they changed that too.  I am all for changes but it doesn’t seem that changes to websites and fb etc. make them more user-friendly.

So, I am ashamed to blog this but feel I must–I let drama and the fact that I was sick for a few days get in the way of my practice.  I practiced different things today.  I was mainly finishing up two choreographies that need to get finished.  I have a new one to start next week so I need to finish the two I am working on.  Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot to report on topic.

I would like to go off topic and say that I watched the new show Unforgettable.  I have been waiting for that show because I am one of those people who have the good memory.  I am not at the level where I am tested and interviewed.  I can’t remember exact dates but nothing ever fades.  Things that happened 25 years ago feel like they happened yesterday.  I remember exact conversations forever.  It’s hard to explain but it has its pros and cons.  I am a better choreographer because I can remember dance routines and shows I saw 10 years ago.  I am a bad person to cross though, because I will never forget it; the pain will never dull.

Whoever writes for Unforgettable seems to know what it is like to have that memory.  They captured the inability to let go of things very well.  The plot was weak though so if you want to catch it, do it soon.  It might be taken off the air and all but forgotten.  😉

269 down, 96 to go!!!

The Count Down

And I Get Sick When I’m Around

“I can’t stand to be around, I hate everything about you.”

I was trying to find a negative song because I have had a negative day.  I hate dancer drama.  I hate being accused of things that I did not do because somebody is mad.  It is the worst part of my job.  I realize it comes with the territory but I will never fully get used to it.

I taught two classes tonight and although we stopped choreography class to have a loooong conversation, we went overtime and worked really hard so I got two hours of practice in today!!  Some positive things happened!!

268 down, 97 to go!!!

The Count Down

Tik Tok on the Clock

“But the party don’t stop.”

Yesterday, I didn’t have much going on so I decided to be lazy for half the day.  As the night went on, I started to feel that awful lazy feeling you get when you know you should be doing something.  That is when I went downstairs to work on choreography and practice.  I practiced every piece and did a big chuck of mourning death choreography and came back up two hours later.  I was on a roll.

Tonight Wicked Gypsy was on a roll too because we practiced for two hours.  I taught them a big chunk of choreography and then we did a little experimenting with dancing in the round.  It looks creepy awesome!!  I am excited for our Halloween performance.

We had a performance today that went well.  It wore me out and I was sick for it so I am not really posting about how great it was like everyone else was.  I am more, “I got through it, yeah!!!”

266 down, 99 to go!!!!

Double digits!!!  I thought I would never get here!!!!  99 is the first number I have looked at that seems small and doable!!

The Count Down

The Body Calls Yeah

“The body, it calls out.  It whispers at first but ends with a shout.”

So I have been blogging about how I am looking for a new workout.  I have been doing Slim in 6 for years.  Great program that I am kind of sick of doing over and over.  It works every time but if it were a dance routine, we would have yelled “next” about 5 years ago!!  That and I wanted one that is longer than 6 weeks.

I got one!!  It is a 90 day program.  It is not, I repeat, it is not Px90!!  I know everybody loves that one but I don’t think I could handle it.  I am much more girly then I should be.  This one is from the same company ( but it is a different trainer, a female named Charlene.  I started it yesterday so now I only have 89 days left.  LOL.  I am not going to start a new countdown.  Instead I will say that I will be done by Christmas and hopefully will have met my ‘have a stronger body’ goal.

Goal review from January 1 when I started this lovely blog:

1.  Practice 365 hours this year.

2.  Have a stronger body.

I am on the last quarter of the year and I am ahead of the game on goal 1.  I would not say I am ahead of the game on goal two but I am not behind yet either.  Hopefully, my new program will give me a shot in the arm so I can feel this goal is on its way to being met too.  My whole body hurts from yesterday’s workout so that is a start.

I practiced another hour yesterday.  Routines for gigs.  Then I went to a gig with The Jezebels at an Art Walk in a building with many art galleries.  Fascinating!!!  Artists rock!!  It is like they know the secret to life is to do whatever you want.  It is like they know to laugh in the face of a judgemental society!!  I don’t really laugh in the face of society.  I more judge the judgement of society.  Who’s right?  😉

262 down, 103 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Had a Dream

“A song to sing.”

So last night Nadeau taught me the beginning of a Jezebels routine that I did not know.  I always tell everyone that just because I choreographed it, doesn’t mean I know it.  Now I do but I need to practice more still because I am unsure.  I need to drill it into habit still for tonight’s performance.

I practiced many routines and I did something I probably shouldn’t have.  I choreographed more of my solo that I should put off until these performances are done.  I got all inspired and sometimes I can’t stop myself.  It is all practice though but I need to focus on what is next instead of doing what I want.  I tell people off for stuff like this!!  I’ll be ready though but I need to focus!!

Also, I had a dream that I think is pretty funny.  In my dream I was reading Suhaila’s blog and she wrote that she doesn’t understand how I get hired to teach workshops when I am not good.  In the dream I was at first so excited that Suhaila knew who I was and then so sad that she slammed my dancing.  LOL.  Even in my dreams I manic!!

FYI, I don’t think Suhaila even has a blog.

261 down, 104 to go!!

The Count Down

She’s a Maniac

“Maniac on the floor.  And she’s dancing like she never danced before.”

So, I was thinking about the advice that I gave yesterday on here and I decided I needed to follow it myself.  I was talking about missing chances but I had not taken a Suhaila class in a long time even though I can do it in the comfort of my own living room.  Even though it is already paid for.  Even though there are more classes on there then I could take in a year if I took one every day.  So really if you think about it–if I skip one day, I am missing chances.  I am missing a chance to grow which is what I say I want.

I think it is obvious where this is going–I took a class today and it was a good one!!!  I was so energentic when it was over that I went right down to the studio and I started choreographing my next solo–which I love already.  The song is awesome–it’s the one I was talking about sounding like Django Reinhardt.  I am still sweating because once I got done with that I came right up here to my computer to write about all of it.  It’s so much better than writing reasons why I am not doing things!!!

I know my title says maniac but I am more of a manic dancer!!!

259 down, 106 to go!!!

The Count Down

And While We Miss Chances

“You can almost hear time slipping away.”

So I have speeches that I give to my students once in a while when inspired by comments or something else that starts me ranting.  Here is one of my speeches inspired by the lyrics I just put at the top of the blog when just randomly trying to think of the words to my favorite Go West song:

Last year in July, there was an Amy Sigil (Unmata) workshop on the second day of Pennsic.  I was planning on going to Pennsic that day when I heard about the workshop.  So I thought, “I don’t know if I want to go to the workshop.  It is the first day of vacation and I have so much packing to do for Pennsic.  It is such a busy time.  I want to study with her but it is inconvenient” etc. 

Anyway, after much of this, I finally just signed up for the workshop.  I drove to Pittsburgh for the it.  Drove back home to pack my crap for Pennsic and then drove back to Pennsic which is near Pittsburgh.  It was one of the best choices that I have made in my years of bellydance.  Not only did I like Amy’s workshop, I learned a whole new way to think about improv and changed my improv classes because of it.  My students love the new way too.  It is a great addition to my style of dance that would not exist at all if I had made the more convenient choice in that situation.  The convenient choice is hardly ever the best choice–especially in bellydance.  I see people making convenient choices all the time.  Try in the other way just for a few months and see if it changes your dancing for the better.  I predict it will!!  See if you are sorry you did it that way.  I predict you won’t be.  It might change your confidence level as well.  It definitely changed mine!!

Rant over and as always, this unasked for advice is free of charge!!  😉

So, I went down to the studio and practiced various choreographies for a long performance Hareem Shar’eem has this weekend.  I also went to Hareem Shar’eem practice and rehearsed many of our routines.  I got an hour and half of practice in but I did not do a Suhaila class today.  I don’t feel as shamed about it as I thought I would.  Hmmm.  Maybe it is because I have so many routines to work out for this weekend.  I have more to work out for The Shuvani Jezebels’ practice on Thursday.  There is about three routines that I am going to have to step in and do, one of which I have to learn because I have never performed it before.  So I will cut myself a little slack on the Suhaila stuff but only until Monday.  I am gig free for the following weekend thus far and even if one comes up, I will have at least ten routines in the bag by then.  I will be ready.  No excuse to cut class starting next week!!

257 down, 108 to go!!

I should be hitting double digits by the weekend!!