The Count Down

Their Watching Every Move We Make

“We’re all included on the list.”

I practiced another 30 minutes yesterday.  My numbers are low because I have a trip on Saturday and I seem to think that is a good excuse for not practicing.  I don’t think things like this should slow me down.  I have no problem getting low hours when I am ON the trip but before because it is coming up is just laziness on my part.  If I can’t be honest here, then why bother writing this??

The trip is my parents’ anniversary cruise.  Should be fun at sea and the various places we are stopping.  I can tell you about this trip because there will be someone staying at my house so I don’t have to worry about crazy people reading this and breaking in.  Maybe next time, crazy people.

Last time I went on a cruise, I had to practice everyday because I had a workshop and show right away when I got back.  This time I have a show coming up but I know everything I need to know for it so I don’t need to stress.  I fully intend to have more fun on this one.  Then when I return (in one week) I will have 114 hours of practice to complete before the end of the year.!!  I will still be ahead of the game but not by much!!

252 down, 113 to go!!!


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