The Count Down

We Don’t Need No Education

“We don’t need no thought control.  No dark sarcasm in the classroom.”

We do need sarcasm of some kind though.  How would I teach without sarcasm??

So I am back from my cruise.  Awesome time, of course.  I discovered some new places to love and wish I could visit more:  Nova Scotia and Salem, Mass. are great places!!!  I need to go back to Salem!!  There was so much  I didn’t get to see!!

As for practice, I did exactly what I said I was going to do–I didn’t practice.  It was nice to just chill and not think about work.  Also, when I become a rich and famous bellydancer, which will happen any day now, right, anyone, anyone??  Anyway, as soon as I become rich, one of the first things I will buy is a steam room.  I went to the steam room at least once a day every day and my skin was glowing!!!  Can a steam room be considered a need??  I think it can.  I am part of a visual art.  It is certainly a need!!!  😉

I got back last night and today I practiced with Wicked Gypsy for an hour and I taught the combos class.  There were two more practices but for me those were all planning, chatting, and bossing people around.  None of that counts for practice hours, unfortunately.  I’d be done by now it if did!!!

254 down, 111 to go!!!!


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