The Count Down

So Everybody Just Follow Me

“Cause we need a little controversy.  Cause it feels so empty without me!!”

Feeling good.  Back in the swing of things after traveling again.  I know I travel a lot but working for myself allows me the luxury of not having to say no when asked to go somewhere.  I want to get out there as much as I can while I can.  I must admit also that I love the gypsy lifestyle.  I wish I had the financial freedom to run around all over the place all the time but I do pretty well.

Lots of work tonight.  I taught two classes that made me sweat!!  I also practiced on my own for awhile.  I told myself I was going to do a Suhaila class today but I did not do it and even though I practice 2.5 hours today, I still feel so lazy that I didn’t do that class!!  If I don’t blog about taking a Suhaila class tomorrow, I will feel shame!!  I must start doing those regularly again!!  I got out of the habit because I have done so much traveling in the last 6 weeks.  That excuse is the worst.  I gotta just do it!!!

On a more positive notes, my students worked real hard and did a great job tonight!!  I like it when I am feeling tired after classes!!!

256.5 down, 108.5 to go!!!!

Closing in on the double digits!!!  Small goals will get me to the end!!!


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