The Count Down

She’s a Maniac

“Maniac on the floor.  And she’s dancing like she never danced before.”

So, I was thinking about the advice that I gave yesterday on here and I decided I needed to follow it myself.  I was talking about missing chances but I had not taken a Suhaila class in a long time even though I can do it in the comfort of my own living room.  Even though it is already paid for.  Even though there are more classes on there then I could take in a year if I took one every day.  So really if you think about it–if I skip one day, I am missing chances.  I am missing a chance to grow which is what I say I want.

I think it is obvious where this is going–I took a class today and it was a good one!!!  I was so energentic when it was over that I went right down to the studio and I started choreographing my next solo–which I love already.  The song is awesome–it’s the one I was talking about sounding like Django Reinhardt.  I am still sweating because once I got done with that I came right up here to my computer to write about all of it.  It’s so much better than writing reasons why I am not doing things!!!

I know my title says maniac but I am more of a manic dancer!!!

259 down, 106 to go!!!


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