The Count Down

The Body Calls Yeah

“The body, it calls out.  It whispers at first but ends with a shout.”

So I have been blogging about how I am looking for a new workout.  I have been doing Slim in 6 for years.  Great program that I am kind of sick of doing over and over.  It works every time but if it were a dance routine, we would have yelled “next” about 5 years ago!!  That and I wanted one that is longer than 6 weeks.

I got one!!  It is a 90 day program.  It is not, I repeat, it is not Px90!!  I know everybody loves that one but I don’t think I could handle it.  I am much more girly then I should be.  This one is from the same company ( but it is a different trainer, a female named Charlene.  I started it yesterday so now I only have 89 days left.  LOL.  I am not going to start a new countdown.  Instead I will say that I will be done by Christmas and hopefully will have met my ‘have a stronger body’ goal.

Goal review from January 1 when I started this lovely blog:

1.  Practice 365 hours this year.

2.  Have a stronger body.

I am on the last quarter of the year and I am ahead of the game on goal 1.  I would not say I am ahead of the game on goal two but I am not behind yet either.  Hopefully, my new program will give me a shot in the arm so I can feel this goal is on its way to being met too.  My whole body hurts from yesterday’s workout so that is a start.

I practiced another hour yesterday.  Routines for gigs.  Then I went to a gig with The Jezebels at an Art Walk in a building with many art galleries.  Fascinating!!!  Artists rock!!  It is like they know the secret to life is to do whatever you want.  It is like they know to laugh in the face of a judgemental society!!  I don’t really laugh in the face of society.  I more judge the judgement of society.  Who’s right?  😉

262 down, 103 to go!!!


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