The Count Down

Sing Us a Song Tonight

“We’re all in the mood for a melody and you’ve got us feelin’ alright.”

Did you ever have one of those weird days where you just weren’t feelin’ it??  By it I mean anything.  Nothing could get you in a decent mood.  I was feeling so weird today.  Like I was mad at someone but I didn’t have a reason to be mad.  Very bizarre and thankfully–very unusual.

I was planning to go to bed very early to sleep off the surprise bad mood hoping it would relocate to another innocent female tomorrow but my puppy Moulin Roux has decided he wants to run around the house and then jump up on my lap and bite my hand over and over.  I want to be mad at him but he is just so cute.  Maybe I have a bad mood hovering but I won’t let it in!!

I had a private practice drilling session with my good friend Zingara today.  We got a good amount of work done and a good amount of girly chit-chat.  Seriously, if I could log girly chat hours, I would have reached my goal months ago!!

273 down, 92 to go!!!


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