The Count Down

‘Cause I’m Broken

“When I’m lonesome and I don’t feel right when you are gone away.”

Last night I tried to take a 90 minute Suhaila class.  I got ready to take the class, turned on my computer, connected it to the TV and–the online class site is down.  I could not take a class.  I felt/feel a little cheated.  I paid to take them when it was convenient for me and I can’t take one.  The site is still down right now.  I tried to send an email to them but it got rejected back to me.  I am probably being paranoid but I feel like I will never be able to get on there again and they are not going to give me my money back.  I am paid up to take classes until May 2012.

I think I am paranoid because of the standing gig Hareem Shar’eem had back in our early days.  We danced monthly at a nice restaurant.  They paid us and once in a while they would tell us to come into the restaurant a few days after our performance because they didn’t have the cash that night.  The last time we performed there they did that.  We went back a few days later for the money and the restaurant was closed down with an out-of-business sign on the door.  We never got our money, of course.  We worked for them for two years and the last thing they did was scam us out of money!!  Nice!!

I feel like that now, maybe just because I can’t get ahold of them if it never goes back up.  I am absolutely sure that it is me being paranoid and it is not reasonable but it is still annoying to pay and not be able to take classes.

Annoyance got the better of me.  Instead of choosing another way to practice, I went to my computer and listened to new ringtones for my new phone.  Internet time sucker that was!!  And I have plenty of things I need to practice!!

Still 273, 92


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