The Count Down

I Had a Dream

“A song to sing.”

So last night Nadeau taught me the beginning of a Jezebels routine that I did not know.  I always tell everyone that just because I choreographed it, doesn’t mean I know it.  Now I do but I need to practice more still because I am unsure.  I need to drill it into habit still for tonight’s performance.

I practiced many routines and I did something I probably shouldn’t have.  I choreographed more of my solo that I should put off until these performances are done.  I got all inspired and sometimes I can’t stop myself.  It is all practice though but I need to focus on what is next instead of doing what I want.  I tell people off for stuff like this!!  I’ll be ready though but I need to focus!!

Also, I had a dream that I think is pretty funny.  In my dream I was reading Suhaila’s blog and she wrote that she doesn’t understand how I get hired to teach workshops when I am not good.  In the dream I was at first so excited that Suhaila knew who I was and then so sad that she slammed my dancing.  LOL.  Even in my dreams I manic!!

FYI, I don’t think Suhaila even has a blog.

261 down, 104 to go!!

The Count Down

She’s a Maniac

“Maniac on the floor.  And she’s dancing like she never danced before.”

So, I was thinking about the advice that I gave yesterday on here and I decided I needed to follow it myself.  I was talking about missing chances but I had not taken a Suhaila class in a long time even though I can do it in the comfort of my own living room.  Even though it is already paid for.  Even though there are more classes on there then I could take in a year if I took one every day.  So really if you think about it–if I skip one day, I am missing chances.  I am missing a chance to grow which is what I say I want.

I think it is obvious where this is going–I took a class today and it was a good one!!!  I was so energentic when it was over that I went right down to the studio and I started choreographing my next solo–which I love already.  The song is awesome–it’s the one I was talking about sounding like Django Reinhardt.  I am still sweating because once I got done with that I came right up here to my computer to write about all of it.  It’s so much better than writing reasons why I am not doing things!!!

I know my title says maniac but I am more of a manic dancer!!!

259 down, 106 to go!!!

The Count Down

And While We Miss Chances

“You can almost hear time slipping away.”

So I have speeches that I give to my students once in a while when inspired by comments or something else that starts me ranting.  Here is one of my speeches inspired by the lyrics I just put at the top of the blog when just randomly trying to think of the words to my favorite Go West song:

Last year in July, there was an Amy Sigil (Unmata) workshop on the second day of Pennsic.  I was planning on going to Pennsic that day when I heard about the workshop.  So I thought, “I don’t know if I want to go to the workshop.  It is the first day of vacation and I have so much packing to do for Pennsic.  It is such a busy time.  I want to study with her but it is inconvenient” etc. 

Anyway, after much of this, I finally just signed up for the workshop.  I drove to Pittsburgh for the it.  Drove back home to pack my crap for Pennsic and then drove back to Pennsic which is near Pittsburgh.  It was one of the best choices that I have made in my years of bellydance.  Not only did I like Amy’s workshop, I learned a whole new way to think about improv and changed my improv classes because of it.  My students love the new way too.  It is a great addition to my style of dance that would not exist at all if I had made the more convenient choice in that situation.  The convenient choice is hardly ever the best choice–especially in bellydance.  I see people making convenient choices all the time.  Try in the other way just for a few months and see if it changes your dancing for the better.  I predict it will!!  See if you are sorry you did it that way.  I predict you won’t be.  It might change your confidence level as well.  It definitely changed mine!!

Rant over and as always, this unasked for advice is free of charge!!  😉

So, I went down to the studio and practiced various choreographies for a long performance Hareem Shar’eem has this weekend.  I also went to Hareem Shar’eem practice and rehearsed many of our routines.  I got an hour and half of practice in but I did not do a Suhaila class today.  I don’t feel as shamed about it as I thought I would.  Hmmm.  Maybe it is because I have so many routines to work out for this weekend.  I have more to work out for The Shuvani Jezebels’ practice on Thursday.  There is about three routines that I am going to have to step in and do, one of which I have to learn because I have never performed it before.  So I will cut myself a little slack on the Suhaila stuff but only until Monday.  I am gig free for the following weekend thus far and even if one comes up, I will have at least ten routines in the bag by then.  I will be ready.  No excuse to cut class starting next week!!

257 down, 108 to go!!

I should be hitting double digits by the weekend!!

The Count Down

So Everybody Just Follow Me

“Cause we need a little controversy.  Cause it feels so empty without me!!”

Feeling good.  Back in the swing of things after traveling again.  I know I travel a lot but working for myself allows me the luxury of not having to say no when asked to go somewhere.  I want to get out there as much as I can while I can.  I must admit also that I love the gypsy lifestyle.  I wish I had the financial freedom to run around all over the place all the time but I do pretty well.

Lots of work tonight.  I taught two classes that made me sweat!!  I also practiced on my own for awhile.  I told myself I was going to do a Suhaila class today but I did not do it and even though I practice 2.5 hours today, I still feel so lazy that I didn’t do that class!!  If I don’t blog about taking a Suhaila class tomorrow, I will feel shame!!  I must start doing those regularly again!!  I got out of the habit because I have done so much traveling in the last 6 weeks.  That excuse is the worst.  I gotta just do it!!!

On a more positive notes, my students worked real hard and did a great job tonight!!  I like it when I am feeling tired after classes!!!

256.5 down, 108.5 to go!!!!

Closing in on the double digits!!!  Small goals will get me to the end!!!

The Count Down

We Don’t Need No Education

“We don’t need no thought control.  No dark sarcasm in the classroom.”

We do need sarcasm of some kind though.  How would I teach without sarcasm??

So I am back from my cruise.  Awesome time, of course.  I discovered some new places to love and wish I could visit more:  Nova Scotia and Salem, Mass. are great places!!!  I need to go back to Salem!!  There was so much  I didn’t get to see!!

As for practice, I did exactly what I said I was going to do–I didn’t practice.  It was nice to just chill and not think about work.  Also, when I become a rich and famous bellydancer, which will happen any day now, right, anyone, anyone??  Anyway, as soon as I become rich, one of the first things I will buy is a steam room.  I went to the steam room at least once a day every day and my skin was glowing!!!  Can a steam room be considered a need??  I think it can.  I am part of a visual art.  It is certainly a need!!!  😉

I got back last night and today I practiced with Wicked Gypsy for an hour and I taught the combos class.  There were two more practices but for me those were all planning, chatting, and bossing people around.  None of that counts for practice hours, unfortunately.  I’d be done by now it if did!!!

254 down, 111 to go!!!!

The Count Down

Their Watching Every Move We Make

“We’re all included on the list.”

I practiced another 30 minutes yesterday.  My numbers are low because I have a trip on Saturday and I seem to think that is a good excuse for not practicing.  I don’t think things like this should slow me down.  I have no problem getting low hours when I am ON the trip but before because it is coming up is just laziness on my part.  If I can’t be honest here, then why bother writing this??

The trip is my parents’ anniversary cruise.  Should be fun at sea and the various places we are stopping.  I can tell you about this trip because there will be someone staying at my house so I don’t have to worry about crazy people reading this and breaking in.  Maybe next time, crazy people.

Last time I went on a cruise, I had to practice everyday because I had a workshop and show right away when I got back.  This time I have a show coming up but I know everything I need to know for it so I don’t need to stress.  I fully intend to have more fun on this one.  Then when I return (in one week) I will have 114 hours of practice to complete before the end of the year.!!  I will still be ahead of the game but not by much!!

252 down, 113 to go!!!