The Count Down

Sunday’s Gloomy

“My house is slumberless.”

Last night was the Halloween Show.  Good show.  Lots of fun routines, many so outside the box.  We all love that.  Halloween is always a reason to try crazy things.  It was a great time.  All the troupes did very well.

I feel more than anything that I am glad to have a weekend off.  Next weekend we don’t have any gigs and so I feel like a little vacation has started.  We have two the following weekend so it isn’t a long break but I feel like I can breathe.  🙂  This is the time when I have to really fight to stay on track.  It is so easy to say that I worked hard for the gig yesterday and now that it is over, I should be able to take a day off and sit around watching movies all day.  I can’t lose focus though.  Days off are reserved for cruises and trips–things that prevent me from practicing.  Being tired doesn’t prevent me from it.  It is an excuse.  A bad one!!  We’ll see what I can accomplish today.

305 down, 60 to go!!!

The Count Down

Whatever Happened to my Transylvania Twist??

“It’s now the mash.”

Tonight is the big Halloween show near Youngstown.  We have been practicing for it for a while.  I am glad we are here and ready to go!!!!  I am real sorry that Nadeau won’t be able to join us.  Illness gets in the way of all the fun, doesn’t it Nadeau??  We will miss you!!!

I’ll blog about the event tomorrow.  It’s Saturday, it’s Halloween weekend.  There has to be a ghost story in there somewhere!!!

304. 5 down, 60.5 to go!!!!

The Count Down

We Had Joy We Had Fun

“We had seasons in the sun.”

That is my gloomy bad news song.  It has been a horrible week at my studio.   My assistant’s husband was diagnosed with cancer that has spread.  Nothing puts a damper on the fun of dance like horrible illnesses and sad things happening.

Rehearsals went on for the show coming up tomorrow.   I have a lower stress level if I do the routines I perform in at least once a day.  I know the routine so well when I do that.  It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes.  I am much less stressed though.

“The show must go on” keeps running through my head as it did in the spring when there was a funeral and lots of sadness the day before Qaina.  It is so hard to be pumped up about shows when sad things are happening.  My insides just want to pack it all in and wallow.  That isn’t even an option when I have so many people depending on me.  That and the fact that it isn’t a very healthy thing to do for myself or anyone else involved.  I need to keep things going.  Keep things sane for those that are having an insane time.  That is my job at times like these.  I will do it.  That is one of the many responsibilities I took on.  “It comes with the territory” is what I always say.  It does.

303 down, 62 to go!!!

The Count Down

All We are Saying

“Is give peace a chance.”

I think that is the first time I gave the lyrics of an entire song.  Gotta love John Lennon!!

Last night I made up two new Level 2 Cocaine combos before teaching my two classes.  Big Halloween gig this weekend.  I feel like I have been putting together the dances for this gig forever!!  I am glad that the time is nearly here and we are in the ready stages.  There is still a handful of rehearsals left and then it is go time!!!

My students work hard!!  Well done everyone!!  And good to see you, Gina!!  I love how since you are not yet able to dance yet, we used that as a reason to leave your troupe practicing while we got margaritas!!  2.5 practice hours,  1 margarita hour!!

301 down, 64 to go!!!

The Count Down

Come Together

“Right now.  Over me.”

So the last few days have been all about yesterday’s fire show at DeBord’s Halloween party.  We did some new things and we have a list of more new things we want to do after this one.  Fire is a different kind of fun.  I like dancing with fire and I like bellydancing.  Both have their pros and cons.  Regardless, last night Wicked Gypsy Fire performed at a party and it was a good time.

Next up is the Halloween Show this weekend then the Gothic season is officially over, I think.  We have shows in November too but we don’t have to do goth at them.  We might but we don’t have to.  🙂  Then I gotta start thinking about when to throw the studio Christmas party.  Time sure flies!!  Didn’t we just have the Christmas party??

298.5 down, 66.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

He’s the One They Call Dr. Feelgood

“He’s gonna make you feel alright.”

Lots of practicing last night.  The Jezebels and myself did a little creative brainstorming yesterday and now we have a piece worked out for an upcoming show.  There was more pirate drilling too.  Today I need to choreograph my solo but I have to go to work first and I have to go get new license plates because my birthday is Sunday.  I don’t like my birthday for a few reasons but the number one reason is that I am older and don’t want to be!!

I have been keeping up with my 90 day weight lifting program too.  Today I end the third week so went to visit that heartless be-otch the scale again and I was pleased with my number.  I would say I am about 13 pounds away from not calling her that heartless be-otch anymore but we’ll see.

297 down, 68 to go!!!

The Count Down

Let Your Body Move to the Music

“Let your body go with the flow.”

Lena came over and we did lots of drilling.  We have gigs coming up and it is crunch time.  I have a few rehearsals tonight too.

Other than that, I went to see a Django Reinhardt inspired band last night.  They played Minor Swing–my favorite Django song.  🙂  Right here in Akron too.  Pretty cool.

The other thing is that I am debating whether or not to go to Art of the Belly in Ocean City MD.  Do I want to commit to that too with all the other travel plans I have coming up??  Yes is the quick answer.  I need to decide quick too because show spots are down to solos only.  I would have to perform a solo if I go.  More later.

296 down, 69 to go!!!

The Count Down

What You Find, What You Feel

“What you know, To be real.”

Yesterday I went to the doctor.  He thinks I have Anemia.  I have to take expensive iron pills.  It might be good news because I researched Anemia and saw that it can cause Insomnia and pale skin.  Maybe I am not this pale in real life!!  😉  And maybe I will get rid of the Insomnia when I correct the Anemia.

Also good news–my BP is NORMAL.  Before the last few weeks, my BP has not been in the normal range in years!!  I have always been in pre-hypertension range.  It has to be the muscle-building workouts.  It is the only thing I am doing different.  Other workouts didn’t make this big of a difference in my BP.  I have discovered something here!!

I taught my classes yesterday.  We are getting ready for a big Halloween performance!!  This is a busy time of year followed by a slow time of year when Halloween ends.  We are also starting the Level 2 Combos.  Those will not go away when Halloween comes.  They will keep going into the new year!!  (Unlike my countdown!!)

295 down, 70 to go!!!!

The Count Down

Gotta Make a Move to A Town That’s Right for Me

“Won’t you take me to Funkytown??”

I was at a party last night and the DJ played that song.  I took it as a sign that I should go home.  Funkytown, really??

It has been four whole days since I have updated and I wasn’t even on a cruise!!  LOL.  I am still getting used to having a job in addition to my bellydance schedule but I plan to do better on the updating.  I want to see this goal through.  I am so close to reaching my goal and I want to finish this right.

I didn’t blog as much but I still got my hours in and did all my workout which are definitely working.  My frienemy the heartless be-otch we all call the scale let me know it’s working.  I don’t hate her as much this week but she is still on watch!!

I practiced with Hareem Shar’eem on Wednesday, The Shuvani Jezebels on Thursday, Wicked Gypsy on Friday and everyone yesterday in prep for a gig we had last night.

Yesterday was a gaming convention called Con on the Cob.  I taught a workshop during the day and we had a show last night.  My workshop was supposed to be an hour and they cut it in half because of scheduling problems so it was 30 minutes.  It was really hard to teach a choreography in a beginner class in 30 minutes because I had to cover technique of movements too.  I did the best I could and we got through some of the dance.  Also, a new thing for me–having the class streamed on the internet!!

Our show was supposed to be 45 minutes but it got cut to 30 because of scheduling problems.  We cut 5 pieces out of the line up.  It was a bit of a nightmare trying to work it all out.  Also, once we got in there, the stage had mics and a giant podium up there so we had to move everything to the floor in front at the last second.  I have to say, the dancers were great about all the changes and just went with it.  I am so happy that all the dancers are able to go with the flow even when the situation is rough.  I am very proud of everyone I work with!!  Shout out to everyone who danced last night!!  You made a bad situation fun!!

Also, a shout out to Gina who just had surgery and was very missed at last night’s show.  Please heal quickly!!  We hope to be dancing with you again soon!!!

293 down, 72 to go!!!

The Count Down

It’s a Rich Man’s Game

“It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it.”

Yesterday I did a lot of practice and work and taught my classes.  Today I started a new job that is not a dance job so that could get in the way of my progress if I let it.  But I won’t.  I will let the new job take the place of my chill out hours or sleep hours or something.  I must continue to work out and practice dance!!

It is a part-time social work job.  My old boss needed help and called me.  I am hoping it just helps me with my goals and my travels because I will have more cash.  We’ll see!!  I still have to practice today so I better get on it!!

288 down, 77 to go!!!