The Count Down

Time Time Got the Time

“Tick tick tickin’ in my head.  Time!!  Got the time tick tick tcikin’ in my head.”

I am done choreographing the Wicked Gypsy Halloween Show piece which means I am done with all the fall pieces.  Yeah!!!  Until a choreography is finished, it feels like it is hanging over my head.  I can be upstairs watching Glee after teaching two classes and working out that day, and still in the back of my head I am thinking that I should be finishing that dance!!

Now that they are all done, I can feel good for a minute until it is time for the spring choreographies!!  (I should be downstairs doing those!!  See ya!!)

276 down, 89 to go!!!

More to come today.  I have the choreography to finish teaching, fire dancing to practice, and Cocaine Combos class tonight!!!


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