The Count Down

The Writing’s on the Wall

“We are the youth gone wild!!”

So I am in the middle of my “muscle burns fat” workouts.  Still in the first month.  Again I will say it is like nothing I have done in the past.  It is all with weights.  I like it and I am going to go for the whole three months but this program makes me realize how weak I am.  I am too tall to be this weak!!  Where she uses 20 pounds, I use eight!!  Hopefully after 90 days I will change that.  Now I notice muscles more often when I look at people and then I realize I don’t have any.  I have never had any.  I am hoping that even though this is how my body is use to being, I can still change it!!

I also taught two classes.  Drilling and Pirate Choreography.  Everyone is working so hard to learn the pirate piece in time for our seasonal gigs that start in two weeks!!!  We are getting there but it is definitely crunch time!!  I should drill my stuff today.

Tonight I am going to Club Bellydance in Pittsburgh.  I picked that over the Cleveland version because I want to see Zafira’s last show.  they have been one of my great influences and I will miss seeing them perform as a group.  Hopefully, they will continue to bring great teachers to Pittsburgh at Zafira studios though!!  I spend a lot of time driving there each year.

280 down, 85 to go!!!

I am in my last quarter of the year.  It’s getting down to the wire.  It looks like I will make it to my goal but you never know!!  I could get sick.  I could get an offer to go on tour.  I could get kidnapped and returned on January 1.  Stay tuned!!


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