The Count Down


“Freak Out!!”

So let’s start with Tuesday:  I went to the final Zafira performance in Pittsburgh and it was a wonderful show.  Totally worth the drive.  They always have it together.  Regardless of how many people they have on stage, they all hold their own.  They are always together and connected.  There isn’t one person who ‘kinda’ knows the routine; they all know it.  There isn’t a person in the back who is following; none of them have to follow.  100% of them have done the work they need to do to hit the stage.  I long for that!!  Many dancers feel like almost is good enough but is it??  Is it if getting it really great is achievable.  It takes more time and people don’t want to take more time so they get to that ‘good enough’ place and set up camp.  If everyone is doing their absolute best then that is completely acceptable but are they?? 

Zafira is so inspiring.  We can do better!!  Be inspired with me!!

Wednesday I practiced with Hareem shar’eem for Con on the Cob.  We perform there next week.  After our show there is a Star Trek party with and open bar.  How can I not love this gig??

Yesterday, I practiced improv with The Shuvani Jezebels as well as my Wicked Gypsy piece.  We are well into the fall season and won’t get a break until Halloween is over.  Then I can work on the new things I am planning!!  Tonight Melanie is coming over to practice fire.  More later!!

282 down, 83 to go!!!



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