The Count Down

Born, Born, Born

“Born to be alive.  You’ve got to be alive.”

Today wore me out!!  Wicked Gypsy practiced the Halloween piece over and over and over today for two hours.  Then we went outside and practiced fire for another hour. 

During that time Lena taught us all how to light our fingers on fire.  We were transferring fire from a lit wick to an unlit wick with our fingers.  I burned my index finger of my left hand because I didn’t rub it out fast enough.  The worst part–I messed up the shellac on that finger too!!  (Now we will see if Gina still reads my blog.)  Need new shellac!!  I’ll be calling!!

After we were done, I came in the house and sat down.  I instantly fell asleep.  I was so tired.  Now I found the cure for Insomnia–light myself on fire!!

I did a workout when I woke up even though I was tired and sooo did not want to.  I always feel so much more accomplished when I really didn’t want to do the workout but did it anyway.

286 down, 79 to go!!!



2 thoughts on “Born, Born, Born

  1. Phaedra says:

    I still read your Blog! Girl you better call quick. I gotta a gallbladder to take out on Friday and its getting pretty busy. You need all new Shellac or just your finger fixed?

  2. I’ll see if I can get in for new shellac before your evil gallbladder gets what it deserves!! I can’t call today right?? No one is there. I will call first thing tomorrow.

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