The Count Down

Imagine All the People

“Living for today.”

So Melanie came over and we practiced fire like I mentioned in the last blog.  We practiced a routine we knew and made up one that we don’t know yet.

Yesterday I slept all day long.  It was the most bizarre thing.  I did my workout, went to the grocery store, and then slept all afternoon.  The good part is that while I was at the grocery store, I took my blood pressure.  It was NORMAL!!!  It is never normal.  My goal is always to be in the pre-hypertension range so that I don’t have to go back on medication.  Normal isn’t even on my radar.  It has to be the workouts.  There really isn’t anything else that I am doing differently.  I wouldn’t even say that I am eating “right” right now.  I’m not cutting down like I should really.  I’m not going crazy or anything but I wouldn’t use the words heart smart diet either.  Could be the weights add something my body needed.  Who knows.  I am very pleased though.

Last night after my hundred hour power nap, I went to The Light-Up Akron Festival.  That festival looks great now.  It has come a long way.  On the way out, I bumped into a band playing by the gallery.  They are called Mustache Yourself and they are inspired by Django Reinhardt.  It so nice to hear that sound.  I love that kind of music.  I stood there until they finished their set and then I came home to look them up on the internet where they list their inspiration as Django.  Awesome!!!  And the best part is that they are from Akron.  I can see them again!!!

283 down, 82 to go!!!


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