The Count Down

What You Find, What You Feel

“What you know, To be real.”

Yesterday I went to the doctor.  He thinks I have Anemia.  I have to take expensive iron pills.  It might be good news because I researched Anemia and saw that it can cause Insomnia and pale skin.  Maybe I am not this pale in real life!!  😉  And maybe I will get rid of the Insomnia when I correct the Anemia.

Also good news–my BP is NORMAL.  Before the last few weeks, my BP has not been in the normal range in years!!  I have always been in pre-hypertension range.  It has to be the muscle-building workouts.  It is the only thing I am doing different.  Other workouts didn’t make this big of a difference in my BP.  I have discovered something here!!

I taught my classes yesterday.  We are getting ready for a big Halloween performance!!  This is a busy time of year followed by a slow time of year when Halloween ends.  We are also starting the Level 2 Combos.  Those will not go away when Halloween comes.  They will keep going into the new year!!  (Unlike my countdown!!)

295 down, 70 to go!!!!


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