The Count Down

He’s the One They Call Dr. Feelgood

“He’s gonna make you feel alright.”

Lots of practicing last night.  The Jezebels and myself did a little creative brainstorming yesterday and now we have a piece worked out for an upcoming show.  There was more pirate drilling too.  Today I need to choreograph my solo but I have to go to work first and I have to go get new license plates because my birthday is Sunday.  I don’t like my birthday for a few reasons but the number one reason is that I am older and don’t want to be!!

I have been keeping up with my 90 day weight lifting program too.  Today I end the third week so went to visit that heartless be-otch the scale again and I was pleased with my number.  I would say I am about 13 pounds away from not calling her that heartless be-otch anymore but we’ll see.

297 down, 68 to go!!!


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