The Count Down

All We are Saying

“Is give peace a chance.”

I think that is the first time I gave the lyrics of an entire song.  Gotta love John Lennon!!

Last night I made up two new Level 2 Cocaine combos before teaching my two classes.  Big Halloween gig this weekend.  I feel like I have been putting together the dances for this gig forever!!  I am glad that the time is nearly here and we are in the ready stages.  There is still a handful of rehearsals left and then it is go time!!!

My students work hard!!  Well done everyone!!  And good to see you, Gina!!  I love how since you are not yet able to dance yet, we used that as a reason to leave your troupe practicing while we got margaritas!!  2.5 practice hours,  1 margarita hour!!

301 down, 64 to go!!!


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