The Count Down

We Had Joy We Had Fun

“We had seasons in the sun.”

That is my gloomy bad news song.  It has been a horrible week at my studio.   My assistant’s husband was diagnosed with cancer that has spread.  Nothing puts a damper on the fun of dance like horrible illnesses and sad things happening.

Rehearsals went on for the show coming up tomorrow.   I have a lower stress level if I do the routines I perform in at least once a day.  I know the routine so well when I do that.  It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes.  I am much less stressed though.

“The show must go on” keeps running through my head as it did in the spring when there was a funeral and lots of sadness the day before Qaina.  It is so hard to be pumped up about shows when sad things are happening.  My insides just want to pack it all in and wallow.  That isn’t even an option when I have so many people depending on me.  That and the fact that it isn’t a very healthy thing to do for myself or anyone else involved.  I need to keep things going.  Keep things sane for those that are having an insane time.  That is my job at times like these.  I will do it.  That is one of the many responsibilities I took on.  “It comes with the territory” is what I always say.  It does.

303 down, 62 to go!!!


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