The Count Down

Sunday’s Gloomy

“My house is slumberless.”

Last night was the Halloween Show.  Good show.  Lots of fun routines, many so outside the box.  We all love that.  Halloween is always a reason to try crazy things.  It was a great time.  All the troupes did very well.

I feel more than anything that I am glad to have a weekend off.  Next weekend we don’t have any gigs and so I feel like a little vacation has started.  We have two the following weekend so it isn’t a long break but I feel like I can breathe.  🙂  This is the time when I have to really fight to stay on track.  It is so easy to say that I worked hard for the gig yesterday and now that it is over, I should be able to take a day off and sit around watching movies all day.  I can’t lose focus though.  Days off are reserved for cruises and trips–things that prevent me from practicing.  Being tired doesn’t prevent me from it.  It is an excuse.  A bad one!!  We’ll see what I can accomplish today.

305 down, 60 to go!!!


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