The Count Down

Born, Born, Born

“Born to be alive.  You’ve got to be alive.”

Today wore me out!!  Wicked Gypsy practiced the Halloween piece over and over and over today for two hours.  Then we went outside and practiced fire for another hour. 

During that time Lena taught us all how to light our fingers on fire.  We were transferring fire from a lit wick to an unlit wick with our fingers.  I burned my index finger of my left hand because I didn’t rub it out fast enough.  The worst part–I messed up the shellac on that finger too!!  (Now we will see if Gina still reads my blog.)  Need new shellac!!  I’ll be calling!!

After we were done, I came in the house and sat down.  I instantly fell asleep.  I was so tired.  Now I found the cure for Insomnia–light myself on fire!!

I did a workout when I woke up even though I was tired and sooo did not want to.  I always feel so much more accomplished when I really didn’t want to do the workout but did it anyway.

286 down, 79 to go!!!


The Count Down

Imagine All the People

“Living for today.”

So Melanie came over and we practiced fire like I mentioned in the last blog.  We practiced a routine we knew and made up one that we don’t know yet.

Yesterday I slept all day long.  It was the most bizarre thing.  I did my workout, went to the grocery store, and then slept all afternoon.  The good part is that while I was at the grocery store, I took my blood pressure.  It was NORMAL!!!  It is never normal.  My goal is always to be in the pre-hypertension range so that I don’t have to go back on medication.  Normal isn’t even on my radar.  It has to be the workouts.  There really isn’t anything else that I am doing differently.  I wouldn’t even say that I am eating “right” right now.  I’m not cutting down like I should really.  I’m not going crazy or anything but I wouldn’t use the words heart smart diet either.  Could be the weights add something my body needed.  Who knows.  I am very pleased though.

Last night after my hundred hour power nap, I went to The Light-Up Akron Festival.  That festival looks great now.  It has come a long way.  On the way out, I bumped into a band playing by the gallery.  They are called Mustache Yourself and they are inspired by Django Reinhardt.  It so nice to hear that sound.  I love that kind of music.  I stood there until they finished their set and then I came home to look them up on the internet where they list their inspiration as Django.  Awesome!!!  And the best part is that they are from Akron.  I can see them again!!!

283 down, 82 to go!!!

The Count Down


“Freak Out!!”

So let’s start with Tuesday:  I went to the final Zafira performance in Pittsburgh and it was a wonderful show.  Totally worth the drive.  They always have it together.  Regardless of how many people they have on stage, they all hold their own.  They are always together and connected.  There isn’t one person who ‘kinda’ knows the routine; they all know it.  There isn’t a person in the back who is following; none of them have to follow.  100% of them have done the work they need to do to hit the stage.  I long for that!!  Many dancers feel like almost is good enough but is it??  Is it if getting it really great is achievable.  It takes more time and people don’t want to take more time so they get to that ‘good enough’ place and set up camp.  If everyone is doing their absolute best then that is completely acceptable but are they?? 

Zafira is so inspiring.  We can do better!!  Be inspired with me!!

Wednesday I practiced with Hareem shar’eem for Con on the Cob.  We perform there next week.  After our show there is a Star Trek party with and open bar.  How can I not love this gig??

Yesterday, I practiced improv with The Shuvani Jezebels as well as my Wicked Gypsy piece.  We are well into the fall season and won’t get a break until Halloween is over.  Then I can work on the new things I am planning!!  Tonight Melanie is coming over to practice fire.  More later!!

282 down, 83 to go!!!


The Count Down

The Writing’s on the Wall

“We are the youth gone wild!!”

So I am in the middle of my “muscle burns fat” workouts.  Still in the first month.  Again I will say it is like nothing I have done in the past.  It is all with weights.  I like it and I am going to go for the whole three months but this program makes me realize how weak I am.  I am too tall to be this weak!!  Where she uses 20 pounds, I use eight!!  Hopefully after 90 days I will change that.  Now I notice muscles more often when I look at people and then I realize I don’t have any.  I have never had any.  I am hoping that even though this is how my body is use to being, I can still change it!!

I also taught two classes.  Drilling and Pirate Choreography.  Everyone is working so hard to learn the pirate piece in time for our seasonal gigs that start in two weeks!!!  We are getting there but it is definitely crunch time!!  I should drill my stuff today.

Tonight I am going to Club Bellydance in Pittsburgh.  I picked that over the Cleveland version because I want to see Zafira’s last show.  they have been one of my great influences and I will miss seeing them perform as a group.  Hopefully, they will continue to bring great teachers to Pittsburgh at Zafira studios though!!  I spend a lot of time driving there each year.

280 down, 85 to go!!!

I am in my last quarter of the year.  It’s getting down to the wire.  It looks like I will make it to my goal but you never know!!  I could get sick.  I could get an offer to go on tour.  I could get kidnapped and returned on January 1.  Stay tuned!!

The Count Down

I’d Give Anything Again to Be Your Babydoll

“This time I’m not leaving without you.”

Great day of practice.  I taught the rest of the routine to Wicked Gypsy and then we went outside to practice fire dancing for an upcoming gig that is on my birthday!!!  What a fun birthday it will be!!

We are dancing at a festival outside and then we can walk around and look at the spooky booths.  There is a card reader there and I think I am going to buy myself a look into the future for my birthday.

Anyway, we accomplished a lot today.  We are getting there!!  Tomorrow is a new day of practice during the Halloween crunch time rush!!

278 down, 87 to go!!!

The Count Down

Time Time Got the Time

“Tick tick tickin’ in my head.  Time!!  Got the time tick tick tcikin’ in my head.”

I am done choreographing the Wicked Gypsy Halloween Show piece which means I am done with all the fall pieces.  Yeah!!!  Until a choreography is finished, it feels like it is hanging over my head.  I can be upstairs watching Glee after teaching two classes and working out that day, and still in the back of my head I am thinking that I should be finishing that dance!!

Now that they are all done, I can feel good for a minute until it is time for the spring choreographies!!  (I should be downstairs doing those!!  See ya!!)

276 down, 89 to go!!!

More to come today.  I have the choreography to finish teaching, fire dancing to practice, and Cocaine Combos class tonight!!!

The Count Down

Because I’m Free

“Nothing’s worrying me.”

So the online classes are back up!!  It was down for two days though.  It was my excuse to be lazy and waste time of on the internet instead but I lost valuable blog count down hours because of it!!  😉  Or I could have easily practiced or choreographed one of the many pieces I have coming up!!  I just didn’t.  😦

Last night I taught a two-hour choreography workshop not too long after doing my weight lifting workout.  I am really sore and tired today.  I feel like I overdid it a little yesterday.  So I should probably not practice today then??  Not even close to a good excuse!!  Tired is my least favorite excuse.  Everyone is tired!!  I have plenty of work I need to do today anyway.  We have lots of classes here tomorrow!!!

275 down, 90 to go!!!