The Count Down

I’d Give Anything Again to Be Your Babydoll

“This time I’m not leaving without you.”

Great day of practice.  I taught the rest of the routine to Wicked Gypsy and then we went outside to practice fire dancing for an upcoming gig that is on my birthday!!!  What a fun birthday it will be!!

We are dancing at a festival outside and then we can walk around and look at the spooky booths.  There is a card reader there and I think I am going to buy myself a look into the future for my birthday.

Anyway, we accomplished a lot today.  We are getting there!!  Tomorrow is a new day of practice during the Halloween crunch time rush!!

278 down, 87 to go!!!

The Count Down

Time Time Got the Time

“Tick tick tickin’ in my head.  Time!!  Got the time tick tick tcikin’ in my head.”

I am done choreographing the Wicked Gypsy Halloween Show piece which means I am done with all the fall pieces.  Yeah!!!  Until a choreography is finished, it feels like it is hanging over my head.  I can be upstairs watching Glee after teaching two classes and working out that day, and still in the back of my head I am thinking that I should be finishing that dance!!

Now that they are all done, I can feel good for a minute until it is time for the spring choreographies!!  (I should be downstairs doing those!!  See ya!!)

276 down, 89 to go!!!

More to come today.  I have the choreography to finish teaching, fire dancing to practice, and Cocaine Combos class tonight!!!

The Count Down

Because I’m Free

“Nothing’s worrying me.”

So the online classes are back up!!  It was down for two days though.  It was my excuse to be lazy and waste time of on the internet instead but I lost valuable blog count down hours because of it!!  😉  Or I could have easily practiced or choreographed one of the many pieces I have coming up!!  I just didn’t.  😦

Last night I taught a two-hour choreography workshop not too long after doing my weight lifting workout.  I am really sore and tired today.  I feel like I overdid it a little yesterday.  So I should probably not practice today then??  Not even close to a good excuse!!  Tired is my least favorite excuse.  Everyone is tired!!  I have plenty of work I need to do today anyway.  We have lots of classes here tomorrow!!!

275 down, 90 to go!!!