The Count Down

Jeepers Creepers

“Where did you get those eyes.”

I just erased the whole beginning paragraph because all I did was complain about my iron pills.  I decided that it did not make for good blog information so I erased it and here I am.  I will tell you that Anemia sucks when you are trying to workout and practice for hours a day though.

Anyway, I taught two classes on Monday that I did not yet write about.  Drilling and Choreography were on Halloween Monday.  I said everyone who wore a spider got their classes free and everyone did.  Some phoned it in but everyone wore a spider of some kind.

Also, I have continued my muscle-building workout and I have the aching muscles to prove it.  I still do my workout even though I complain about my lack of energy.  This body is not going to change itself just because I was diagnosed with Anemia.  It’s just another hurdle for me to whine about!!

309 down, 56 to go!!!


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