The Count Down

Wasting Away Again

“In Margaritaville.”

Yes, I am writing this after Margarita Power Hour!!  Woo hoo!!  My writing skills will be of equal or lesser value!!  Also, I am writing this after working out and three practice hours–one hour for every margarita I drank following classes.  Totally worth it!! 

I taught two classes and I had to do choreography so I am ahead of the game.  I actually didn’t get much work done over the weekend because I was not home.  I was traveling for things non-bellydance so I thought I had gotten myself behind in hours but I did a count (which I do about twice a month to see how I am doing anyway.)  I have 54 days left in the year and I have 52 hours left to reach my goal.  I am pretty close but the fact that I have a ton of work to do on my solo and so many rehearsals to do for the show coming up, I am not that worried about reaching that goal!!!

I have to be focused this week and then next week, I will see how far ahead I am.  Almost there!!!!

313 down, 52 to go!!!


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