The Count Down

Now That We Found Love

“What are we going to do with it.  I like the way you wiggle.  You don’t jiggle once you jiggle.”

I love that Heavy D song.  So young to die.  The first thing that went through my head is wondering whether or not his death would have been preventable if he would have taken better care of himself.  Then I thought, “Did he take care of himself and I just think he didn’t because is called Heavy D??”  Could be.  I liked him and I love that song.

Today was a high work day.  3 hours total with lots of practicing for shows this weekend.  Tomorrow should be the same.  So tired.

Going to sleep now but not before I tell you about an upcoming gig I have at The Virginia Holocaust Museum on December 10.  I am sooooooo excited.  I danced there in January so there is another blog in here that lists all the reasons why I am excited.  The basic gist is that performing for the survivors of the Holocaust is an honor and I learned so much from meeting them.  They have a wonderful attitude towards life!!  I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Also, I want to look great for it so it can be one more reason for me to stick to my workouts!!!  Almost there!!

316 down, 49 to go!!!



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