The Count Down

Somebody With Eyes of Blue

“Who doesn’t notice all the others.”

I finished choreography my solo TODAY!!  It is for tomorrow’s show.  I guess it is better than finishing it tomorrow morning but I could have done it a bit sooner.  Regardless I am happy to be done with it and I have drilled it.  Some more drilling tomorrow before the show and it will be fun!!

We had a gig at a craft fair today.  It was very laid back.  We didn’t do any routines because there wasn’t enough room.  We did improv dancing to Christmas bellydance music.  I like the low stress of those kinds of gigs.  We had our swords but we had one little place that we could dance with them.  We couldn’t dance with swords near our table because we were next to the painted glass guy.  In my mind, I heard the sword fall off my head and shatter so many fragile glasses when I looked at that guy’s booth.  We carried them past and away from him and his beautiful glass!!

I also love gigs where I can buy my mother a Christmas present at the same time.  😉

Tomorrow many of my troupes are dancing at an Autism benefit.  Shout out to Ruby!!!  We have been practicing so much for this.  Can’t wait to get the show on the road!!!  Should be a good time.

I decided to not let myself think about Qaina until next week.  I needed to focus on the gigs this weekend since we had two.  Next week I will figure out Qaina and explain everything that has been going on!!  This is the earliest Qaina has made me tired.  🙂

322 down, 43 to go!!!


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