The Count Down

N’oubliez Jamais

“In my life there was so much anger.  Still I have no regrets.”

I hate to say it but I am so exhausted.  I have a bellydance hangover.  I have overkilled on bellydance.  Last week was such a high stress week for me dance-wise.  I had to get my solo ready for a show.  I choreographed it and drilled it all last week.  I also had students to get ready for the show too and a workshop to help with that.  All the practices etc.  And then there was my genius move–I decided it was a good time to open up my spring show.

I have an event called Qaina every spring.  It is a fun event that people seem to like.  Every November I open up the show and write down who wants to be in it.  I always have a short waiting list because I get too many requests and the show always fills up quickly.  It used to take a few days.  Last year it filled up in 24 hours.  I wanted to open it up for dancers to sign up before I went to perform in the show this weekend because I had started getting emails from dancers wanting to be in it.  I figured I would let them in and then I wouldn’t have everyone asking me about it at the show.

Yes–that was my mistake.  This year set a new record.  The show filled up in 20 minutes.  I didn’t even have a chance to get up from my computer.  And then there were many who wanted in after that and now I have this huge list of people.  I am overwhelmed and not sure how to play this.  Had I known it was going to go like this, I would have waited until after the show.  I was trying to get it out of the way so people wouldn’t need to ask me about it when they saw me for the performances but that backfired.  I had more questions than ever about what I was going to do.  The answer to these questions in case you want to know:  I don’t know!!!  Stay tuned!!

I practiced an hour yesterday then was in the Autism Benefit.  That was all rehearsal for it.  Today I choreographed part of a new circus piece and then taught two-ish classes.  One full class.  In the second class we spent about half of it talking about the show and the fact that Qaina sold out so fast.  We needed a little bit of a break though.  There was so much rehearsal for many of the dancers in my troupes!!  Break over though.  Back to Just Doin’ It starting now!!!

325 down, 40 to go!!!


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