The Count Down

It’s Been a Hard Days Night

“I should be sleeping like a log.”

I am been MIA for a little while, I realize.  Here is my list of bad excuses:  I worked too many hours at my non-dance job last week, I overkilled on bellydance the weekend before, and Migraine!!!

All of them are bad excuses!!  At least I didn’t put that I was tired.  That is the worst one!!  I had a student in the past that used to call and leave me voice mails that she was tired from working and could not come to practice.  So much so that she never knew the routine.  She threw around the word exhausted a lot and would draw it out saying she was “exhaaaausted.”  Maybe it was from taking care of all her kids??  Wait she didn’t have any kids.  Maybe it was because she worked more than one job??  Wait, she only had one job.  Maybe it was a lame excuse.  Yes, I think we have a winner!!  😉  (See how I took the focus off of my lame excuses??)  LOL.  Yes, that is my pet peeve of excuses to skip practice.  Mainly because everyone works hard and is tired and if you only practice when you are bursting with energy, the results are never good!!

The migraine took me out for two days.  I get it across the head and I can’t concentrate on anything and I get so cranky.  It is gone now and I hope it stays gone!!!

Anyway, I worked out every day anyway.  I can really tell the changes in my body from the weight lifting workouts.  I think I found an exercise routine that will do what I want it to do!!  I am excited to see what I will look like in spring.  My plan is to dedicate the awful winter to dance classes and exercise!!

I did some new choreography this week, taught classes and drilled some routines.  The next thing I am dedicating myself to is my solo for the Virginia Holocaust Museum on December 10th.  So excited!!

328 down, 37 to go!!!


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