The Count Down

Strangers in the Night

“Exchanging glances.”

Since I went away for Thanksgiving, I was going to get up tomorrow morning and start working again.  I have so much to plan for.  New routines for each troupe, and a solo for myself.  The solo is for an upcoming gig at the Virginia Holocaust Museum on December 10th.  I am very excited about dancing in this show.  Survivors are the guests of honor and one of the survivors is playing in the band a song.  I love the great, memorable gigs and this has all the makings of one.

When I got home from the Thanksgiving food and fun, I was going to go to sleep but then I started thinking about my solos–the upcoming one and my recent past Gypsy Jazz one.  I need to practice both so I went down to the studio and did that.  Now I am tired and feel like I accomplished something over this holiday–something other than watching The Glee Project marathon at my parents house.  Fascinating, by the way, and something I would never watch if it wasn’t a ‘sitting around’ holiday.

Tomorrow I plan to accomplish much more.  I have a plan for the rest of the year.  These numbers will be shooting down!!!

329 down, 36 to go!!!


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