The Count Down

I Saw You Kicking Dirt in My Eye

“I believe in miracles.  And a miracle has happened tonight.”

I was a little stressed about today because I had so much to do in a short amount of time.  I had nothing to be stressed about though.  It went really well.

First off, I had a gig at a Senior Center’s Christmas Party.  They wanted me to perform and teach them some moves.  I was nervous because I was going on my own this time which I never do.  Usually I have Hareem Shar’eem with me for these kinds of things.  It went so well though.  I got up this morning and decided I wanted to dance different pieces then I had planned so I practiced new ones.  I did a group routine that I turned into a solo, my turkish spoon dance, and my gypsy jazz routine.  They loved it!!!  And then they all got up and danced!!  They were a great class.  Such a good group of people and a great experience!!  I want to do more solo things so I can get used to it and accept any gig.  I don’t want to depend on others.  I am going to Virgina next week to perform a solo too!!  I am growing!!

Later, I choreographed some of Hareem Shar’eem’s crazy circus routine and then went Cleveland and taught it to them!!  That went well too.  Lots of good dancing today.  Now I have to go workout!!

336 down, 29 to go!!


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