The Count Down

We Are The Champions, My Friend

“And we’ll keep on fighting to the end.”

I would have used the theme to Chariots of Fire if it had lyrics!!  Yes, it is official.  In the PM hours of New Year’s Eve 2011 I reached my goal of practicing 365 hours this year.  I choreographed routines for an hour this morning.  I took at 90 minute Suhaila class this afternoon, and then drilled choreography for 30 minutes not that long ago to complete the time I needed.  I thought I would feel more accomplished but I seem more focused on what I want to do next.

The 365 was fairly easy for me to do so I need to take it up a notch.  I am definitely not going to blog about how much practice I am doing again.  I think one year is enough of that!!  I am going to keep blogging and change the name of it.  I will tell the tales of dancers instead.  We bring back many good stories from the crazy life of dance so I will focus on that.

I will increase my practice but keep the blogging about that to almost none.  Just know I am practicing.  But not tonight!!  The Barefoot Bubbly is about to be opened in celebration of two goals met this year.  Tomorrow I think I will make new ones!!  We must constantly grow just to keep up!!  “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”–The movie Pina.

365 hours practiced this year,   0 to go!!  Thanks for sticking with me!!

The Count Down

It’s The Final Countdown

“And maybe we’ll come back to earth, who can tell??”

New Year’s Eve is  just one hour away.  And I am not to zero yet.  The funny thing is that I have not been behind all year until THIS WEEK!!  I want to say it was the holidays but that excuse is another one that I hate just as much as “I’m exhaaausted.”  I really think it’s a mental thing to add a little drama to the end of my 2011 goal and blog.  Will she make it??  It’s close!!  What if she has a migraine again??  What if she injures her back again??  What if she starts drinking champagne on NYE before she hits zero??  Who can stand the suspense!!!

The good news about my slow crawl to the end is that I have to go down to the studio for large chunks of time.  And I have accomplished so much in the last couple of days.  I did so much choreographing (burlesque and circus fusion) this week and there is still tomorrow–for I have hours left to do!!!  I was down there for 2 and a 1/2 hours today and I have three hours to finish tomorrow.  If I don’t practice for three hours tomorrow, I have failed.  I have failed myself and all of my faithful readers that have stuck with me for a year!!  Everyone bite your nails and I will make sure to blog the ending to this cliffhanger tomorrow!!

362 completed, 3 to go, 1 day to do it in or my mission has failed!!  Until tomorrow—-

The Count Down

I Don’t Feel Right

“When you’re gone away.”

I went down to the studio to choreograph eight counts of music for each troupe but I ended up doing two eights for one and zero for another etc.  I knew yesterday was a fluke.  I am usually not very controlled when I work.  I’m not sure an eight every day would be the best way to do it creatively but I was willing to experiment with it.  I will try again tomorrow and see what happens.  It is like I am testing my personalities!!  😉  Planning Jez is testing Crazy Choreographer Jez to see what happens.  I hope they get along!!

I was supposed to go out tonight but worked too long and it got too late to go.  😦  At least I think it’s too late.

359.5 down, 5.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I’ve Got That Tune

“I’m into myself.”

Today I entered a new world I will call ADD bellydance!!  I went downstairs to practice and I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do.  All my troupes and classes are currently on holiday break and I have more practice hours to get in before I reach my final goal so I went down to the studio to practice in general with no plan.

I put Hareem Shar’eem’s Qaina song on.  I drilled what is done of it a few times then choreographed another eight counts of it, then I drilled it a few more times.  I put that one away and pulled out The Jezebels’ choreography and did the exact same thing:  drilled, added eight counts, drilled.  Then I decided it was a pattern and did that for Wicked Gypsy’s piece:  drill, eight, drill.  I have never done it that way before.  I always have something I need to do when I head down there so I don’t really have the opportunity to be flakey about it.  I am quite amused by the whole thing.  It is all a step towards finishing our pieces so it is good no matter what.  I actually might do that for the rest of the week while I am finishing my year of practice up.  I am in the middle of four group pieces right now so I will add a count of eight to each every day for the rest of the year and see if that seems like a more effortless way to get to the end of the dances.

Yesterday I didn’t accomplish anything because I was out all day long celebrating Boxing Day.  We went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo first.  (I didn’t realize how disturbed I was by it until today because I am trying hard not to think about it anymore and failing.)  After that we went to Lush and Sephora–two great stores for divas to award themselves in after their hard work!!  Gina and I had no problem doing that!!  Shout out to Gina who taught me about make-up brushes and introduced me to Lush!!  Then came the Irish Pub!!  Pub food and cider is the new thing I would like to add to each future Boxing Day!!  (And maybe 30 minutes of practice instead of the zero I logged in yesterday.)  Still, good times!!

358.5 down, 6.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

What Can I Do??

“I feel like the color blue.”

My possible New Year’s Eve gig status changed to not a New Year’s Eve gig.  For good reason but now I don’t have a clearcut path to 7 hours of practice this week.  It will take a little motivation which is fine.  I have much to choreograph for Circus Qaina so it is all good but my practice plan has dramatically changed.

On another note, I got  the Christmas blues today at my parents house.  I don’t really know why exactly but I was feeling so sad.  I drove home and thought that I would just take a shower and watch movies the rest of Christmas night to make myself feel better but when I got home, I changed the plan.  I decided to practice dance instead.  I went down to the studio to run all the circus pieces I have already started and while I was doing Wicked Gypsy’s piece, I got inspired to choreograph more of it.  I got some fun moves in before coming back upstairs into Holiday Sloth World.  I only got 30 more minutes of practice in but it really cured the holiday blues I was suffering from.  I feel fine now.  Dancing and moving ALWAYS makes me feel better.  It is very strange.  It can’t be as simple as endorphins, can it??  If it is—Yeah!!!

Now I am going to go finish watching Midnight in Paris and then sleep.  Tomorrow is a ton of Boxing Day fun!!  Let me know if you want to join in.

Also, my Christmas Day readership is comparatively high.  People added reading Jez’s blog to their holiday activities!!  I could not be more pleased!!

357.5 down, 7.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Oh Holy Night

“The stars are brightly shining.”

It is Christmas Day!!  Merry Christmas to all and thank you to those who made reading my blog part of their holiday celebration.  😉  I had readers yesterday and today.  Awesome!!

Also, I wasn’t thinking I wouldn’t get too much practice done since I am at my parents house for the next two days but last night I played Django Reinhardt on my iPod to get the holiday party started.  My parents loved it!!  Who knew they would be Django fans.  Anyway, it played for over an hour and I started messing around with dance moves.  I wanted to see how well I could improv to gypsy jazz.  I created some moves that work with that style of music and ended up logging in another 30 minutes of practice time.  It was fun to work on that too.

We sometimes do that in our improv class.  We like to expand our skill by putting my iPod on shuffle and then improving to whatever randomly comes up.  I have everything on there and sometimes it is pretty interesting to see what comes up and what people do with it.  I did the same for whatever gypsy jazz music came up yesterday.  It is never a bad day to grow in your art!!

Happiest of Christmases to everyone!!!  Looking forward to reaching that goal and a new year of goals ahead!!!

357 down, 8 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Don’t Want A Lot for Christmas

“I won’t even wish for snow.”

This week has taken so much out of me!!  It started with a party and then another party.  I am feeling the side effects of no longer being a teenager but acting like one.

Monday night was the studio party.  That lasted until a little after midnight.  I drank cider and Barefoot Bubbly.  That was fun.  I worked all day the next day and then on Wednesday I did some choreography and then went and taught it to Hareem Shar’eem.  After that I went out for some more holiday partying and got home at 6:30 AM.  That’s right, my faithful blog readers, I forgot that I am not 19 anymore!!  It was nice to have some down time but I have been tired since!!!  I wish I could party like a teen and bounce back like a teen.  At least I have one of those two things down!!

I am ashamed to admit my Holiday party hours outweigh my practice hours but my workout hours outweigh both of them.  Yes, I’m choosing to hang on to the positive but I only have 8 1/2 hours left to my goal.  I think I got cocky and figured it was no sweat so I decided to celebrate by hitting the holiday parties all week!!  It was good fun but now I have some work to do to finish what I started here.

I have a New Year’s Eve gig pending right now.  That should keep me in line next week!!  Merry Christmas my wonderful blog readers!!!  Stick with me for one more week!!!

356.5 down, 8.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

My Body Never Knew Such Pleasure

“My heart never knew such pay-ee-ay-ee-ain.”

I used to play that song over and over when I was just a young girl.  🙂

I practiced today.  I choreographed new circus stuff and then had two practices.  The migraine is a little less today and the dentist should be calling me tomorrow to let me know when they can fix my teeth so the pain will stop.  I am almost positive that is what the problem is.  The good thing is it is a fixable problem.  The bad thing is that it is not fixed yet.

Tomorrow is the Studio Christmas Party.  It is mindless party fun and usually quite wild for a Monday night.  It is our time to cut loose.  Hope to see you there!!

355 down, 10 to go!!!  Now the blog with be like a NYE countdown!!!! 🙂

The Count Down

It’s My Declaration

“To anyone who’s listening.  You’re my inspiration.”

I don’t know if anyone has had migraines before but if you have not experienced them, let me try to explain:  It feels like someone shot you in the head and you lived.  You lived without the luxury of losing your mind so you constantly feel the pain of being shot in the head until the migraine goes away.  Or forever which is when I think this one will live to.

I’m not sure why I am getting more of these this year.  It is one of the things aside from trips that takes me out.  Anyway, I gave up on the migraine going away today.  I had 13.5 hours left to do and if I keep going like this, I am not going to get to the end.  I have had the pain since Tuesday.  I suspect it is related to dental work I had on Monday that needs fixing.  I don’t think they finished it right because the pain is shooting from that area, through my jaw, and into my gunshot wound to the head.

Today I decided I needed to get back to work so I choreographed circus routines for an hour and a half and ignored the painful problems I am having.  To be honest, it worked.  When I was thinking of what to do in these routines, I was quite focused and did not think about pain at all.  It is probably the best I have felt all week.  Now that I am done, I came up here to type this and wouldn’t you know it, the head pain is back on the front burner.  Dance is the answer to everything in the world!!  Well, probably any art that takes you away to the land of obsession is the answer to one’s world.  You heard it here first!!

Tomorrow I have practices with two groups so I will be bringing those hours down before New Year’s Eve.  Almost there!!  Nothing short of actually getting shot in the head is going to stop me from reaching my goals!!!

353 down, 12 to go!!!

The Count Down

Shot Down in a Blaze of Glory

“I’ve seen love come, I’ve seen it shot down, I’ve seen it die in vain.”

Long weekend is over.  I performed with the band Maharal at the Virginia Holocaust Museum.  I performed with survivors and for survivors of the Holocaust.  Such an experience.    The hall in the museum is one of the most beautiful that I have ever performed in.

I also did a solo which is different from what I am used to.  The nerves are not as bad when doing a solo.  I don’t play my choreography over and over in my head before I go on when I do solo.  I just dance the dance.  It is so much better on the nerves.  I like that and I like the fact that I don’t have to depend on others.  I can just go and do my thing.  I need to do more things like this.

I taught two classes today.  They are the last ones of the year.  So much accomplished yet so many plans for the upcoming year!!

Still working out too.  I will be done with the 90 day plan on the 31st of this year.  I will be finishing many goals this december!!

351.5 down, 13.5 to go!!!