The Count Down

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

“And may all your Christmases be”

I am not finishing that sentence.  What if you don’t want your Christmases to be white??  I don’t want a white Christmas.  I was a Caribbean Christmas.  Or a French Riveria Christmas.  I want a life that makes it almost necessary to have a Christmas like that.  An on the road in wonderful places Christmas–that is what I want!!

Anyway, lots of practicing today on top of teaching a high school bellydance class.  I created some choreography and then taught it to Hareem Shar’eem.  I practiced my solo for this weekend and then spoke to one of the band members who told me the song has changed and then I changed the choreography and practiced some more.  I also did a weight lifting workout that made my muscles shake!!!  I am “exhaaauuusted.”  (Shout out to those that used tired as their excuse not to practice.  Woot to all who aren’t reading this because they are stuck in front of their tvs.)  Too harsh??  FYI, if I use the word woot, I am being sarcastic–ALWAYS!!

346.5 down, 18.5 to go!!!


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