The Count Down

It’s My Declaration

“To anyone who’s listening.  You’re my inspiration.”

I don’t know if anyone has had migraines before but if you have not experienced them, let me try to explain:  It feels like someone shot you in the head and you lived.  You lived without the luxury of losing your mind so you constantly feel the pain of being shot in the head until the migraine goes away.  Or forever which is when I think this one will live to.

I’m not sure why I am getting more of these this year.  It is one of the things aside from trips that takes me out.  Anyway, I gave up on the migraine going away today.  I had 13.5 hours left to do and if I keep going like this, I am not going to get to the end.  I have had the pain since Tuesday.  I suspect it is related to dental work I had on Monday that needs fixing.  I don’t think they finished it right because the pain is shooting from that area, through my jaw, and into my gunshot wound to the head.

Today I decided I needed to get back to work so I choreographed circus routines for an hour and a half and ignored the painful problems I am having.  To be honest, it worked.  When I was thinking of what to do in these routines, I was quite focused and did not think about pain at all.  It is probably the best I have felt all week.  Now that I am done, I came up here to type this and wouldn’t you know it, the head pain is back on the front burner.  Dance is the answer to everything in the world!!  Well, probably any art that takes you away to the land of obsession is the answer to one’s world.  You heard it here first!!

Tomorrow I have practices with two groups so I will be bringing those hours down before New Year’s Eve.  Almost there!!  Nothing short of actually getting shot in the head is going to stop me from reaching my goals!!!

353 down, 12 to go!!!


2 thoughts on “It’s My Declaration

  1. Gina says:

    I’m sorry Jez. You can do it. I believe in you. Even if we have to have a dance marathon on Boxing day or New Years Eve, you’re going to make it! Go dance!

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