The Count Down

I Don’t Want A Lot for Christmas

“I won’t even wish for snow.”

This week has taken so much out of me!!  It started with a party and then another party.  I am feeling the side effects of no longer being a teenager but acting like one.

Monday night was the studio party.  That lasted until a little after midnight.  I drank cider and Barefoot Bubbly.  That was fun.  I worked all day the next day and then on Wednesday I did some choreography and then went and taught it to Hareem Shar’eem.  After that I went out for some more holiday partying and got home at 6:30 AM.  That’s right, my faithful blog readers, I forgot that I am not 19 anymore!!  It was nice to have some down time but I have been tired since!!!  I wish I could party like a teen and bounce back like a teen.  At least I have one of those two things down!!

I am ashamed to admit my Holiday party hours outweigh my practice hours but my workout hours outweigh both of them.  Yes, I’m choosing to hang on to the positive but I only have 8 1/2 hours left to my goal.  I think I got cocky and figured it was no sweat so I decided to celebrate by hitting the holiday parties all week!!  It was good fun but now I have some work to do to finish what I started here.

I have a New Year’s Eve gig pending right now.  That should keep me in line next week!!  Merry Christmas my wonderful blog readers!!!  Stick with me for one more week!!!

356.5 down, 8.5 to go!!!


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