The Count Down

Oh Holy Night

“The stars are brightly shining.”

It is Christmas Day!!  Merry Christmas to all and thank you to those who made reading my blog part of their holiday celebration.  😉  I had readers yesterday and today.  Awesome!!

Also, I wasn’t thinking I wouldn’t get too much practice done since I am at my parents house for the next two days but last night I played Django Reinhardt on my iPod to get the holiday party started.  My parents loved it!!  Who knew they would be Django fans.  Anyway, it played for over an hour and I started messing around with dance moves.  I wanted to see how well I could improv to gypsy jazz.  I created some moves that work with that style of music and ended up logging in another 30 minutes of practice time.  It was fun to work on that too.

We sometimes do that in our improv class.  We like to expand our skill by putting my iPod on shuffle and then improving to whatever randomly comes up.  I have everything on there and sometimes it is pretty interesting to see what comes up and what people do with it.  I did the same for whatever gypsy jazz music came up yesterday.  It is never a bad day to grow in your art!!

Happiest of Christmases to everyone!!!  Looking forward to reaching that goal and a new year of goals ahead!!!

357 down, 8 to go!!!


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