The Count Down

What Can I Do??

“I feel like the color blue.”

My possible New Year’s Eve gig status changed to not a New Year’s Eve gig.  For good reason but now I don’t have a clearcut path to 7 hours of practice this week.  It will take a little motivation which is fine.  I have much to choreograph for Circus Qaina so it is all good but my practice plan has dramatically changed.

On another note, I got  the Christmas blues today at my parents house.  I don’t really know why exactly but I was feeling so sad.  I drove home and thought that I would just take a shower and watch movies the rest of Christmas night to make myself feel better but when I got home, I changed the plan.  I decided to practice dance instead.  I went down to the studio to run all the circus pieces I have already started and while I was doing Wicked Gypsy’s piece, I got inspired to choreograph more of it.  I got some fun moves in before coming back upstairs into Holiday Sloth World.  I only got 30 more minutes of practice in but it really cured the holiday blues I was suffering from.  I feel fine now.  Dancing and moving ALWAYS makes me feel better.  It is very strange.  It can’t be as simple as endorphins, can it??  If it is—Yeah!!!

Now I am going to go finish watching Midnight in Paris and then sleep.  Tomorrow is a ton of Boxing Day fun!!  Let me know if you want to join in.

Also, my Christmas Day readership is comparatively high.  People added reading Jez’s blog to their holiday activities!!  I could not be more pleased!!

357.5 down, 7.5 to go!!!


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