The Count Down

I’ve Got That Tune

“I’m into myself.”

Today I entered a new world I will call ADD bellydance!!  I went downstairs to practice and I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do.  All my troupes and classes are currently on holiday break and I have more practice hours to get in before I reach my final goal so I went down to the studio to practice in general with no plan.

I put Hareem Shar’eem’s Qaina song on.  I drilled what is done of it a few times then choreographed another eight counts of it, then I drilled it a few more times.  I put that one away and pulled out The Jezebels’ choreography and did the exact same thing:  drilled, added eight counts, drilled.  Then I decided it was a pattern and did that for Wicked Gypsy’s piece:  drill, eight, drill.  I have never done it that way before.  I always have something I need to do when I head down there so I don’t really have the opportunity to be flakey about it.  I am quite amused by the whole thing.  It is all a step towards finishing our pieces so it is good no matter what.  I actually might do that for the rest of the week while I am finishing my year of practice up.  I am in the middle of four group pieces right now so I will add a count of eight to each every day for the rest of the year and see if that seems like a more effortless way to get to the end of the dances.

Yesterday I didn’t accomplish anything because I was out all day long celebrating Boxing Day.  We went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo first.  (I didn’t realize how disturbed I was by it until today because I am trying hard not to think about it anymore and failing.)  After that we went to Lush and Sephora–two great stores for divas to award themselves in after their hard work!!  Gina and I had no problem doing that!!  Shout out to Gina who taught me about make-up brushes and introduced me to Lush!!  Then came the Irish Pub!!  Pub food and cider is the new thing I would like to add to each future Boxing Day!!  (And maybe 30 minutes of practice instead of the zero I logged in yesterday.)  Still, good times!!

358.5 down, 6.5 to go!!!


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